Contact/Stalk Me

Welcome to my page where you’re able to contact me and stalk me and stuff. I always like to make myself available to talk to you guys whether it’s just to say hi or whether you need some advice on a certain matter. Don’t worry your problems are never too unimportant for me to help with. I like to respond to my DMs as quickly as possible.

You could follow me RIGHT HERE on Twitter, where I more or less give live commentaries on my day and I like to talk to people on.

I also have a Spotify account where you can follow my playlists and my username is thelonelylion no spaces all lower case. I have a Skype and if you want it tell me by email and I’ll give it to you.

My email address is

As I said I’m always there if you guys need me outside of blogging and I give good advice and can listen at the same time so I’m a good place for advice. I respond quickly so don’t feel as if I won’t respond because I literally have no life.