Two people are stood opposite each other 

Person one: hey, can I tell you something?

Person two: yeah of course

1: so I’ve been thinking recently that you’ve been through a lot and are going through an incredibly stressful time right now. 

2: okayyy, what’s this supposed to mean?

1: I just wanted you to know that you deserve the best 

2: that’s what everyone says before they leave

1: I know you’re hurting, trust me I relate. But maybe the people that left weren’t the best for you

2: what’s do you mean? They were perfect for me 

1: if they were perfect for you, you’d be with them 

2: …..

1: you went out of your way for them, you did anything for them. That means that you were a perfect friend doesn’t it?

2: In a way yeah…

1: so if anything they’re missing out on your amazingness

2: that’s easy for you to say because you’re me

1: you’re right, I’m standing opposite you in the mirror talking to the person I spend literally all my time with. I know all of your kinks and how you masturbate and everything else about you 

2: why did you have to make this discussion sexual?

1: my point is that I know you best because I spend all my time with you, therefore when I say you’re awesome, you’re awesome. 

2: okay. I understand you 


What did you exactly mean by me deserving the best?

1. You know all the extra things you do for people? I’m gonna do this all for you. I want to treat you like nobody ever did, I want to show you what kind of love you deserve. 

2: but I’m you, how can you love me?

1: that’s easy, I’m gonna be kind to you, not be so hard on you when you make a mistake, I’m gonna treat you and everything by doing whatever you want. 

2: … But no-one does this for me…

1: what am I here for? Stop giving external people the keys to your happiness and take it from things you know are there. 

By Sav


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