At a Crossroads

Okay so this is gonna be shocking to some but I’m gonna just roll with it. Also i fucked off for a week to Germany so that explains me basically fucking off out of the internet’s way. 

So I’m at a crossroads because i don’t know whether to continue blogging or not because it’s not much of a challenge to me anymore. Yeah, i do it for myself and to have my own outlet anymore but as big headed as this sounds I’m too famous. Now i don’t mean i can’t take a walk without being pestered for selfies because of most bloggers not having a fucking clue as to how ugly i look and me obviously only having about 500 followers. I mean, I started this shit to have my own place to do what i want and to express my shitty feelings but what’s happened is I’ve become the outspoken voice of this corner of the internet and if I’m honest i never intended for this. I accept that actions have consequences but are these really the consequences i want? Do I really want to be known as that scary blogger who intimidates everyone in his way?
I’m not gonna beat around the bush there are a lot of people on this platform who are scared of me and that’s perfectly fine. I believe in the Blair Waldorf quote saying that you can’t make them like you but you can make them fear you. However I’ve always wanted to fly under the radar and express my unfiltered feelings without drawing attention to myself. Now, I thought that the blogging world was wide af and nobody would really care for me but in reality I’ve become outspoken, intimidating and scary to the extent of when people have a problem they try and communicate it through someone else instead of coming straight to my face.

I’ve always fell in and out of love with blogging purely because occasionally i made it into a job for myself rather than a hobby but this hobby is starting to take the shape of a job despite me not getting a penny for my efforts. 

Going back to what i said about it not being a challenge. I feel as if I’m the strongest, most influential person in this mini community purely because of the fact that my actions have the biggest influence on anyone and I’m sure there are a fair few people who’d agree with this statement. Whenever it’s cool to roast someone, everyone joins in, whenever I stop then everyone else stops. Sure, i don’t have the most followers but i make up for it with my strong personality and that intimidates the people here who get triggered far too easily. Seriously, a lot of bloggers whether it’s on twitter or whether something happens to them get triggered within a blink of an eye but people who are easily offended aren’t the focus of this post. 

Anyways I’m out of shit to say, long story short. Blogging is great but it carries a lot of weight so I’m considering quitting. 

By Sav 


27 thoughts on “At a Crossroads

  1. maybe think a bit before quitting entirely or deleting altogether. i know that some people are intimidated by you because of how you come across but you could start a different blog or maybe tweak the tone of this one a bit so it doesn’t come across so passive aggressive? blogging may not be your thing anymore but i can say firsthand don’t delete it right off the bat as you may regret it later.

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    1. I’ll give it some thought whether i go or not but I’m not going to change my passive aggressive tone because it’s who I am


  2. WHAAAAAT? 😮 You’re an amazing person and your blog is just freaking awesome, why would you wanna stop blogging? Anyways, do what you think is best, we’ll respect your decision, whatever you do. 🙂

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  3. You may have an impact on other people but they choose to be impacted by you. It is their choice to join in on the drama or watch from the side. I always say you should never let anyone but you stop yourself from doing what you love .

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  4. Do what you feel is the best thing, because if that’s what you truly want to do, then do it.
    Also just wanted to add I love how funny you are. 🙂 Let us know what you decide.
    ~ Rainbow Girl ❤

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  5. FUCK I only just saw this. Well honestly, I wish I was more like you because you’re honest and you actually tell people what you think of them, unlike me. It’s your choice what you do but I’ll still stick by you obviously. You’re one of my favourite people and closest friends and whether you blog or not doesn’t change that. You ARE influential and yes that can come with challenges but you’re also not afraid to get your thoughts out there. So – whether you continue or no t – I’ll still be here.


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