Types of People in Group Chats

Namaste bitches and welcome to a rather interesting post. During a phase where my mental slid into shit (in fact it still is just as fucked as before I’m just feeling marginally better before I start feeling shit again) I wasn’t in the mood for anything and not gonna lie I went multiple steps back in terms of progress. Anyway I don’t want to talk about that since I’m irrelevant. Anyway I was in a shady mood while writing this and I wanted to expose people. Knowing my luck someone is probably gonna copy this post because of some people being unoriginal af.

The attention seeker-this is the twat that always tries to divert the conversation topic onto them by saying the most random things mid-conversation. For example we could be talking about receding hairlines and Aquinas’ first cause argument and the attention seeker chimes in out of nowhere saying that they’re baking a fucking cheesecake. Attention seekers come in so many forms from making a fanfare as to when they have to go somewhere to conveniently timing their mood swings to when the conversation deviates away from them. You’ll need a book series for me to tell you about literally every type of attention seeker and nobody really calls them out on their bullshit. But that’s where the second person comes in

The brutal bitch-this is the petty bitch that always hates the guts of certain other members of said group chat. So whenever someone they dislike says something, they’ll always find a way to insult them and to absolutely wreck them with a passive aggressive comment. This is a person for every occasion whether it’s for someone stealing their joke or whether it’s to put any attention seekers in their place. It gets to a stage where said disliked person can’t say a word without the brutal bitch simply destroying their self esteem. Really though, when will they get the message that THEIR GUTS ARE HATED!!

The couple- these are often two people who always litter the group chat with being all couply and all cute with each other. These people can be so annoying because someone who’s in a relationship with their right wrist like me can’t help feeling jealous of their cuteness. Really though, please get yourselves a room and make love all you fucking want and tell each other how one loves the other more or how the both of you are so adorable, just no more group chat PDA because it makes me fucking gag…

#hypocrisy but that’s the point of the joke bitch. 

Missing in action- this is the bitch who would go missing from contributing to the conversation for a very long period of time to the extent of everyone forgetting that they exist. They always somehow speak up whenever everyone begins to think they’re dead and starts organising their fucking funeral.This can often be the sidekick of the brutal bitch purely because they gossip each others true thoughts to each other about everyone which explains the importance of what’s unsaid. Missing in action is a better person than the attention seeker because they believe in the concept of only speaking when you have something good to say. 

Anyway that’s the end of my shade throwing you all know who you are…

By Sav 


45 thoughts on “Types of People in Group Chats

  1. I’m the one who disappears and gossips with the brutal bitch πŸ˜€ Or the one who posts random shit and then FORGETS that they posted in the chat, comes back to 400 messages and is confused xx

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  2. I’m sorry but this is just brilliant Sav… And YOU ARE IMPORTANT OK? πŸ™‚
    Seriously Though, this was just brilliant… I feel like maybe I’m the MIA??? πŸ˜›

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      1. I knew you’d love it and how it’d speak to you in terms of how much I dislike certain people. I feel looking at the comments would also make it so much better

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  3. THIS IS SO GOOD!!!! It couldn’t be more true!!
    I hate when people are like really corny with each other in group chats, like dude, chat privately!!! :/ And I hate when people try to attract the attention even in group chats, dude, they have literally nothing better to do!!
    Again, great post!!! XD

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      1. Oh my gosh yeah that one is the worst!! Or like when someone in the group wants to add someone and then someone in the group says if they add that person, they’ll leave. Like what? You do you think you are?

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