Will I be Replaced?

Hello and welcome to a self reflective post that I’m mainly doing for myself more than anything. But yeah I was thinking earlier about my friendships and how they generally work. 

So my main issue in terms of being replaced is “will a friend that you’ve loved and respected for a long time gets into a relationship, would they end up replacing you?” Now my unfortunate guess to that answer would be a yes because of the position they hold in your life as the person that they love and hold in such high esteem would go to the significant other in my opinion. That’s one of the main reasons why I don’t bother with relationships because I don’t want to lose touch with any of the friends that have loyally been available for me. Also, it’s gonna be difficult for someone to match how much I love and care for my friends. So therefore I just stay alone. If I found someone that compared to any of my friends then sure I’ll go for them but I would still feel like I have to be with them. 

This doesn’t mean they’ll cut you out of their life but rather they’ll treat you differently as their priorities towards you would have changed. Their significant other is the one they shower in all their love and whilst you’re given an I love you. They’re given all the things that you were getting, just with physical intimacy added to it.

Now you’re probably thinking that I’m being melodramatic and said best friend can love more then one person. However if you remember quite a few posts ago I said that I didn’t like sharing friends. ESPECIALLY, when I am close with said friend. I admittedly feel a little insecure about them coming in and taking the spot I’ve worked so hard to earn because I want to feel and be valued like any human. 

I want to build lasting and sustainable relationships of all sorts and that’s why I constantly need assurance that I won’t be replaced. Even with my closest friends I see them or hear of them talking to people genuinely hate and I feel the enemy will replace me. I seriously don’t intend to have these thoughts because not a single one of my friends should be solely committed to me and only me despite my high maintenance ways suggesting otherwise. I try to be a good friend, I try to be happy for them but sometimes I feel insecure and that’s entirely my fault because I let the seed grow instead of killing them as soon as they come. It’s funny that I get the most outlandish seeds in my head and sometimes they have no logic or reasoning behind it but they just arrive. 

I promise you I’m not that bad a friend I genuinely do try my best for them but my problem is that I care too much for people and their well-being. I’m too loyal I guess. I almost feel sometimes as if I’m not actually a friend and I’m more of a provider to people who just services people. I don’t know. All I want to do is sleep. 

By Sav


27 thoughts on “Will I be Replaced?

  1. I used to feel like that when me and one of my best friends were really close but she wanted to have a boyfriend and I wondered if our relationship would change when she had a bf. Now she’s had 2 and meh, she’s pretty much the same.
    If a friend really loves you, they’d never do that. If they make you feel replaced, maybe they’re not putting themselves in your shoes. You deserve the best friends in the world!!!!
    Great post!!!! XD XD

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  2. I know this might not help but no one could ever replace you for me. Every single one of my friends holds a special place in my heart – you especially – and no can replace that. But Know what you mean, because in terms of relationships, sometimes the friend can’t help that they pay a different type of attention to them. But trust me, you’re an amazing friend and though I may not experience what you experience in terms of feelings, I get scared I’ll be pushed to the side or forgotten about, so I suppose I know a little of what it’s like. You always strive to be happy for people and I love that; you’re caring and give amazing advice and you’re a bloody unique person. How could that be replaced? I can’t speak for anyone else because I’m not them, but I know that I try – if in a relationship – to pay attention and love my friends equally because friends can be more long-lasting than relationships. I’m not perfect, neither are you and neither is anyone else, but we try and we love people, no matter what kind of love. Sorry, this comment makes no sense.

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  3. I relate to this post 100%, it’s like you took everything I was thinking and feeling and wrote it in a post. I just can’t wait until I find Friends that care about me for who I am and never make me feel replaceable. I need friends that are close to family, and so far in my life time I’ve never come close to that sadly.

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    1. I understand you and that will come with time. I do have good friends in my life that I’m grateful for but I can’t shake feeling that they’ll replace me with a significant other

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    1. Love you too ๐Ÿ’œ and I think we may unfortunately. Sorry to bother you. I’ve just had a too many problems recently that I’ve been burdening you with

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      1. you’re not bothering me, love. i know this has been something you’ve been thinking about a lot lately and it’s never a burden or a bother or anything like that to have a nice long conversation with you. mwah ๐Ÿ’œ

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  4. When it comes to this sort of thing, I think you have to realise that you are strong enough to rely upon yourself. Friendships are beautiful things, but when life makes sudden changes sometimes you need time to rely on yourself, and have a certain independence within yourself that will always let you know you are good enough. I hope you’re Okay, always remember that you do have people ๐Ÿ™‚

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