Signs that You’re a Bad Person

*disclaimer:yes I know this resembles a buzzfeed quiz*

We all know that we have some bad in us no matter how pure our intentions are. It’s just a matter of how bad we are. Count up how many of these apply to you get a score as to how bad you are. 

  1. You’re a slow walker 
  2. You walk past quickly whenever someone needs help
  3. You walk directly next to someone despite you not actually being with them 
  4. You squeeze from the bottom of the toothpaste tube
  5. You don’t close doors when people tell you to
  6. You don’t knock when you enter someone’s room 
  7. Knocking on someone’s room door and inviting yourself in anyway 
  8. You store your stuff in other people’s rooms and then question why their room is untidy 
  9. You talk to people with earphones in 
  10. You try and talk to people with earphones in 
  11. You don’t lend someone earphones when they ask you to 
  12. You return people’s earphones full of earwax
  13. You sneeze on people
  14. You cough on people
  15. You blow your nose loudly 
  16. You pick your nose
  17. You bite your toenails
  18. You bite your fingernails
  19. You eat your own earwax 
  20. You snitch on people 
  21. You say you won’t snitch but you do 
  22. You snitch on people and then wonder why everyone hates you 
  23. You take my food without asking
  24. You take more than one free sample 
  25. You have loud footsteps that wake people up at night. 

If you scored between 0-6: you’re a kind soul

If you scored between 7-13: you’re not that bad 

If you scored between 14-18: you’re a pretty bad person

If you scored 19+: you’re the scum of the earth. 

Comment your scored and BE HONEST!!!

By Sav


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