Unfiltered Q&A 

I gave you time to give me questions now the rest is your loss if you failed to do so. 

Hello everyone and welcome to my celebratory unfiltered Q&A. I gave you the opportunity to ask me whatever you wanted and I’ll answer it with perfect honesty. Let’s cut the chitchat and have fun. 

Who’s your least favourite Blogger?

Wow this person really took advantage of the honesty. Anyway to be perfectly honest I don’t have a least favourite because I consider posts from any blogger I’ve had beef with to be total dogshit purely because I hate them. I’ve had beef with a few unnamed bloggers so therefore I have a few least favourite bloggers who know exactly who they are. #shade 

If you had to kill Abby or sacrifice yourself what’ll you do?

I low-key knew someone would ask me a question about Abby but this wasn’t the one I had in mind. Anyways if I’m being honest I’d sacrifice myself because not only do I love her a lot but I also wouldn’t be able to live with myself having killed a close friend of mine so therefore I’d sacrifice myself. The second reason is who would want to kill their boo?

Would you rather have sex with a kangaroo or a koala?

I would rather go for a kangaroo because they’re known to be vicious so I feel I could have a real whale of a time with a kangaroo. Plus koalas are super cute!

What is the one thing that anchors you to the blogging world?

I feel as if the people are the main thing that anchor me to the blogging world. This is because I feel I can express myself as I want here and I also have met a multitude of good people here as well as many people who have taught me what kind of people to be wary of. 

Huskies or kangaroos?

I’m a massive husky fan especially ones that yawn frequently and say goodnight to their mummy. (hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge)

What is a soldier?

 A person who serves their country in the armed forces. What else could a soldier possibly be? *stares directly at a certain blindie*

If you could go to any historical period past present and future what would it be?

Not gonna lie, I was so looking forward to answering this question because it took a lot of thought. If I’m honest I’d have loved to experienced life as an Egyptian Pharaoh or some shit like that. I took so long to answer this question because I want to go visit many places in history. Basically long story short I want to more or less be Dr Who.  

If you could be any object. What would it be? 

I would seriously love to be a vending machine not only because of the food involved but also I can troll people by keeping their money when they give me it. I know, je suis evil. 

Are you excited for any events this year?

To be honest I’m actually could be going to Germany soon so that sounds fun even though right now I’m a little scared because flying and that crap. But that being said I’ll probably be more excited closer to the time. However, there is something I’m looking forward to that isn’t fixed yet and it is potentially having another one of those blogger meet ups where we drive people away using innuendos

If you could be good at any subject without having to study what would it be? 

I would have loved to be better at Biology because I genuinely find it interesting but because I was shit at it I never really enjoyed it. I mean I know a certain type of biology but that’s about it. 

Your first word?

I don’t actually know but my guess would be Grandma because she spoiled me like hell so we were tight. Could’ve been mother. Who knows?

If you could wake up in the body of someone else who would it be and what would you do

I’d love to wake up in the body of Donald Trump and then I will resign from being president so that America would actually be great again.

If you could be named after a city, state or a country which would you pick and why 

My answer to this will probably change in a few days because there are so many places I love the name of. However for now my answer is Atlanta because I love how it sounds and shit. I don’t know if I’m honest because I keep coming up with names and hating them two minutes later and I didn’t want to leave the question unanswered. 

What would be your perfect future if you were in control of everything?

If I were in control of everything I’d basically live with Abby, we’ll get lots of dogs and it’ll be great. In terms of a career I’d love to be a fashion designer with my own clothing line and shit. I’d also dabble in performing arts where I can perform shows for people and all that good shit, be on a few TV shows or films of some kind. I don’t know a lot of the details since I prefer to try and be present. 

Anyways that’s the end of my unfiltered, celebratory Q&A and I hope you enjoyed it very much. Again sorry this took ages I found it hard to answer some questions with full honesty as I noticed I filtered some stuff out on a couple. However, I did answer these as honestly as I possibly could. Anyways take care and goodbye. 

By Sav


32 thoughts on “Unfiltered Q&A 

  1. CAN I COME LIVE WITH YOU IF MY JOB AS A STRIPPER ONCE I FAIL ALL MY A-LEVELS DOESN’t WORK OUT? Also, I love your Q and A so much; you are literally one of the best people I know and have ever met excuse me while I get all sappy. Also, a blogger meetup may be happening soon in the future due to the fact that a certain blogger lives not too far from somewhere VERY familiar to me, so keep your ears out. I mean of course you’ll know about it WELL WELL in advance because you’re one of the central participants but still I’m trying to be mysterious

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know she’s told me about said mutual friend. No need to be mysterious. Also you as a stripper would be hilarious as you’d have to constantly prove how old you are 😂😂😂😂😂😂 and yay another meet up

      Liked by 1 person

      1. EXCUSE ME but I’d be an amazing stripper. All I’d have to do is turn up the blind and they’d be so surprised that they’d pay me without me actually having to strip. That’s how it would work in my mind, anyway.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Good idea – just remember to cover up your tracks properly…wouldn’t want to be charged for murder when you could be celebrating instead. I’ll even help you😂

        Liked by 1 person

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