My Baby’s Birthday

Hello and welcome to a quick post I wanted to write mainly because it’s my blogaversary today (disgusting word I know) but yeah today is the day in which my first ever post went up that was probably titled hello world or something or some other generic post title since I have no original ideas LOL. 

But seriously though this year has been amazing like a lot has happened, I’ve grown a lot as a person but however, my expectations weren’t met. I initially started saying to myself that I would be happy if I ended this year on 100 followers and we didn’t get that…WE GOT 465 BITCHES!!! Jokes aside though, the numbers don’t matter to me much because I’m only using this blog as an outlet for my feelings rather than my job and I am still in it for the people online so yeah stuff. 

Anyway I just want to thank all of ou for making this year amazing I seriously wish I could like actually find a real what to show my gratitude to all this. Shout out to all the bloggers that I’ve fallen out with; your stupidity in driving me out of your life by your mistreatment of me has taught me what a real friend looks like and made me appreciate my actual friends unlike those who were toxic. 

To celebrate I’ll be doing a totally honest, unfiltered Q&A which means you can ask me anything and I’ll answer you honestly. Please leave as many questions as you want because I’m interested in what you want to ask me. On that note thank you again and goodbye for now. 

By Sav 


27 thoughts on “My Baby’s Birthday

  1. Who is your least favorite blogger?
    AND YAS SAV SAV YOU HIT ONE WHOLE YEAR!!!! I find it sad that even my blog’s younger than yours…. There has to be something I’m older than you at… Love youuu Credence!

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  2. For making memorable this year? Or last year? Do you get? Cause this year is just beginning.
    Anyway, Happy Birthday to your baby, and the maker. To make a baby needs two persons though so yeah I’m the other makerπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
    Anywayyyy…. That’s all😘

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  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You made it through the first year and I am sure you will make it through the next and all the following years. I have a question for your Q and A I always ask:
    If you could be any object of your choice what would you be and why?
    Also is there any event coming up you are really excited about to happen soon or in 2017 in general?
    Last question is:
    If you could pick one subject at school you would be good at without having to study which would you pick?
    I’ll Stopp annoying you now. Bye…

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    question: if you could do anything with your life without thinking about money, parents, risks, etc, what would be your perfect future?

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  5. Congrats again!!! My questions are: if you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would you pick and what would you do?
    What was the first word you ever spoke?
    If you had to be named after a city, country or state (etc.), which place would you choose?πŸ™‚

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