Surprise Mother… (Not really)

Hey everyone and welcome to a quick post mainly designed to just alert you to the changes I’ve made to the blog and to give you an excuse to just check out the changes really. 

So the decision to change is mainly borne out of the fact that one of my exes found my blog and read it on a regular basis which disturbed me. So as a result I decided to change the URL to what you see now. When that happened, I then saw that the name of the blog and the URL didn’t match at all so I decided to change from the savage savannah. I mean yeah we had good memories but due to my personal evolution I decided it was time for a change.

Then I jigged around with my menus kinda because I had to as I tried to change the theme which failed I love my current theme and I also found out that I can change the names of my widgets which was amazing to do. 

Basically I changed a lot of stuff and it reflects the fact I’m constant growing and doing new things and yeah I’m excited for the revamp and I’m excited to make new memories with the new domain name. 

By Sav


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