More New Year Bullshit

I’m just gonna get on with it. 

2016 was a great year for me despite the interventions of certain orange people and something that sounds like a fucked up cereal bar aka Brexit. I am being serious when I say 2016 was the best year of my life because the following things happened. 

  • I started my wordpress blog 
  • I turned 16
  • I met so many good people through blogging 
  • I met the other half of Sabby 
  • I passed all of my GCSEs
  • I made some friends in real life (although not anyone that goes to the same sixth form as me #rip)
  • I physically met up with actual bloggers 
  • I went to Florida

    The list is pretty long. 

    Now I don’t have any new year’s resolutions as I find that total bullshit. I’m not ashamed to say this because you don’t need to wait for another number on the end of a calendar to change yourself. Now instead I will tell you about things I hope to accomplish this year in an effort to change my lifestyle and live as a happier person. I intend to do the following. 

    • Become a better friend- because I feel as if I’m a bad friend a lot of the time and I could be there for people a lot more often than I currently am. 
    • To maintain my relationships- this is important because I struggle for social energy and it stops me from maintaining friendships with people which is a shame because they deserve a better friend than me if that makes sense
    • To improve my control of my mental health- this is a work in progress and this will continue to be an objective every year. 
    • To learn how to motivate myself- this is because when I’m in a funk, I’m in a massive funk and trying to shake me out of it is like drawing blood from a rock or getting Trish to admit she’s a child. It’s not happening to put a long story short. 
    • To do things that make me happy- this is important due to the necessity of living for yourself because it’s your life and you gotta that your ass up and start doing shit for you because at the end of everything. You’re stuck with you no matter what
    • To stay fabulous (of course)- need I say more?

      But yeah I honestly just want to aim to keep on growing as a person and progressing as planning your year is all well and good but the ACTUAL grinding is what counts. I don’t really know what else to say apart from I’m definitely changing my domain name like it’s a fact now as I feel I’ve outgrown my current one. But the change will be mysterious and to be honest even I have no clue what its gonna be called but I’m just gonna let everything roll. Anyways take care and bye.

      By Sav 


      20 thoughts on “More New Year Bullshit

      1. I completely agree with you! New Year’s Resolutions are stupid because we should be making changes in our lives when they NEED to be made. Not when the clock strikes 12 on 31st Dec. Also, we share some of the same goals – I definitely need to get better at self-motivation and maintaining my friendships with people. You’ve achieved so much in 2016 (I mean FLORIDA and meeting bloggers?!!) and I hope 2017 is even more successful for you x

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      2. Trish and I were talking about when me and Abby are going to be in university and shes like ‘I’ll be 14/15 when you guys are in university I won’t be a baby anymore!!’ and I’m just like ‘…..yes you will, Abby and I are going to be living on our own and doing university shit and you’re going to be in year 10/11 you’ll still be baby compared to us’ honestly she’s such a smol lmao

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