Return of the King

What’s poppin’ everyone!!! I haven’t blogged in like a year and you’re probably wondering where the fuck I’ve been. Anyways, time for a rather lengthy updateish post since I normally hate talking about my life. Seriously this post is gonna be as long as the list of reasons why US politics is stupid so strap in.  

So as I said a couple posts ago, I recently went to the good old Florida, the sunshine state (even though it was raining when we got there but shhhh), the orange land. Long story short, I absolutely LOVED it there not only because of the things I did there but also because of how I felt there from an internal, spiritual point of view. During my stay, we went to lots of theme parks, I conquered my fears and went on many rollercoasters as well as officially being able ride them with my eyes open now as I’m officially no longer a wimp. I also talked to a crap ton of strangers which I never knew I could do. Moreover, I bought many clothes and I may do a haulish thing if I’m in the mood or if seeing my clothes is of any interest to you. In fact that second part is a lie I don’t care about what you’re interested in, I literally only blog based on what I want to do. I also survived grinching out on Christmas but I hope you weirdos who think Christmas is good enjoyed yourselves. 

I also attended that Skype blogger party that (my just friend and nothing more than) that Abby had organised and I’m gonna be honest, I’m so thankful that happened because like everyone in that chat is a great person (especially in the snapchat group chat that changes names every couple of hours.) and it allowed me to meet bloggers that I was planning on talking to but wimped out of doing so by calling myself a bad friend which I am but that’s beside the point. 

However when there’s good, along comes the bad. I predicted a mental health collapse after Florida and exactly that has happened. Ever since I’ve been home I’ve had even less motivation to grind than before. I mean, before I went I was looking for a job, I was surviving school. Now I’m refusing to get a job due to commitment issues and school work is demoralising the second I sit down to do it. Frankly in terms of my school/work life I’m drowning and I need to wake myself up because I’m deserving and capable of great things and those good things aren’t coming unless I work. I’m not looking for that sympathy talk but this is just my way of giving a full update from the heart.

 It’s kinda weird because when I am blogging I have no ideas but when I take a break ideas keep flowing in. But yeah long story short, I’m back with a domain that’s soon to change, a potential new outro and even more good stuff is planned. 

 Sav πŸ’ͺ🦁



26 thoughts on “Return of the King

  1. You’re back, yay!
    Okay, first of all, I’m so jealous that you went to Florida and I couldn’t see your hair when you got off of the rollercoasters. Being serious though, Florida seems like it was a great experience for you and you deserved the break.
    Yes, the Skype blogger Party was amazing, and so is the group chat name. By the way, we seriously need to change it again because a certain child changed it to Jemima Puddleduck *trish, I’m looking at you*.
    And as for the school stuff, as we said on the group Skype with Elly, we’ll get through it together : )
    *sending virtual hug*

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  2. Hey, glad you’re back!! We missed you! Glad you spent a good time in Florida, I’ve always wanted to go to the US – well, until last elections. :/
    I’m looking forward to hte things you’re planning to do on your blog, though it’s already amazing!! XD

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      1. thats cool! i went to sarasota last year to see my grandparents and we drove down to orlando to get a flight to mexico and we missed out flight! we had to stay in a hotel in orlando airport over night and then when we tried to get a flight the next day out plane broke so we were sitting in the airport for like eight hours whilst they flew in a plane from atlanta for us to use. it was… interesting to say the least lmao. (if you ever go again you should go to the holy land experience in orlando… its the worlds largest religious theme park and according to my best friend it feels like an acid trip lol)

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      2. What?!?! I’m interested to see this. A religious theme park sounds so weird which makes me want to go more. But I don’t think they’ll condone my jokes before marriage

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      3. yup its the biggest one in the world, they recreated bethlehem and they have people walking around wearing jesus clothes (honestly what are they even called im just gonna call them jesus clothes.) HONESTLY dont even joke about that i was up at 3am the other night cradling juice and reading about catholic attitudes towards sex before marriage to revise for mocks :///


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