Starboy-Track by Track Review

Last week, The Weeknd released his new album called Starboy. Now I’d been looking forward to this album’s release ever since I heard he was making a new album as Beauty Behind the Madness was a solid album in itself. Now onto the review and before I start just take into account that these are all my personal opinions so you may like/hate these songs despite my opinions. 

 1.Starboy (ft. Daft Punk)- This was the first single I heard on the entire album and I loved it on the first listen which is very rare. If you haven’t heard it yet then fucking listen to it now since it’s one my personal favourite on the album.

Sample lyric- Got my momma a crib and a brand new wagon, now she hit the grocery shop looking lavish 

Star rating: 5 stars

2.Party Monster- I actually liked this song pretty quickly especially because the intro is quite strong in my opinion and the verse that followed it was memorable in my opinion. I would also recommend this one a lot if you like more of a dark vibe. 

Sample lyric- Got up thanked the lord for the day, woke up by a girl I don’t even know her name

Star rating: 4.2

3.False alarm- this song for me actually took a few listens to get into because I didn’t initially like the chorus as it was too repetitive in my opinion but after a while it slowly got better for me and the verses are pretty strong in my opinion. 

Sample lyric- it’s a dark philosophy and it haunts her constantly 

Star rating: 4 stars

4.Reminder- I genuinely loved the way this song flowed and the fluidity of the song. However I think it’s one of those songs I’m slowly growing to love which is great.

Sample lyric- I’m like goddamn bitch I am not a teen choice

Star rating: 3.8 (for now)

5.Rockin- I loved how upbeat this song is and the way in which you can just turn up to it. I was even doing the internal dance routine I do when I like music. I’m sure I’ll love it more and more as I learn the lyrics but overall this song is great

Sample lyric- you don’t have to spend your life with me, you don’t have to waste your energy 

Star rating- 4.1

6.Secrets- I find this song really catchy and it’s one of those songs that you’d have stuck in your head for centuries especially the chorus. I do like this song but not as much as some of the others. 

Sample lyric-I hear the secrets that you keep when you’re talkin’ in your sleep

Starboy rating-3.9 (just realised I can make that pun now) 

7.True Colors-
I love this song because of how Abel’s vocals fit this song so well it’s got that vibe that I like in slower songs that have this burst of life in it in addition to this slower pace. I’ve only listened to this once all the way through so that’s probably why it doesn’t have as high a rating as Starboy. I would say this is one of my favourites on the album that aren’t an official single. 
Sample lyric-paint me a picture with your true colours 

Starboy rating- 4.7

8.Stargirl Interlude (ft. Lana Del Rey)- This could have been amazing if it were longer since Lana and Abel’s voices compliment each other’s really well. This song however isn’t for me because it has more of a background music vibe than a song I’d full on listen to with all my attention. However it is a really good interlude. 

Sample lyric- I just want to see you shine cause you know you are a Stargirl. 

Starboy rating- 3

9. Sidewalks (ft. Kendrick Lamar)- This is another great song not only because Abel’s vocals are on point once more but Kendrick Lamar offers a change of pace in the song which makes it so much better. It’s an amazing song and it has some of the best lyrics on the album. Another one of my favourites that aren’t official singles. 

Sample lyric-I ran out of tears when I was 18 

Starboy rating- 5

10. Six Feet Under-not gonna lie, this song started off a little slowly for me but perhaps that was because of having gotten used to hearing The Weeknd’s voice a lot. However the part that saved it for me was in the second verse where it sounded like his verse from Low Life on steroids. That verse was my favourite part of that song because it makes a trap feel sound so cute and innocent. Now I’ve listened to it more I have started to love it. 

Sample lyric-She don’t depend on anybody

Starboy rating-4

11. Love to Lay- Don’t get me wrong this song is still good but it wouldnt be something I’d go out of my way to listen to. This was a little bit disappointing in comparison to the other songs due to the already high standard that was set but that was inevitable. A great song for when I’m studying but not for when I’m searching for a great song to lift my spirits.

Sample lyric- well I told her I’ve been thinkin’ bout her lately, but she told me that to love her is so crazy 

Starboy rating- 3.2

12. A Lonely Night-this is a song that is so mixed because the verses are really good but the hook is a little repetitive but catchy at the same time. I don’t have much to say about this one as it’s a classic lift your spirits song. 

Sample lyric-I loved you on a lonely night. 

Starboy rating-3 

13.Attention-this song reminds me of a past relationship of mine especially the sample lyric I’m about to choose. The hook is exceptional and the vocals and the beat fit the song really well. Another great song. 

Sample lyric-you’re only looking for attention, the only problem is you’ll never get enough.

Starboy rating-4 stars 

14.Ordinary Life-This song is a little disappointing but again only because of the amazing quality of the other songs. Still good but it’s more of a study song like love to Lay. I do have to say the lyrics are really powerful and they save the song

Sample lyric-Valhalla is where all the righteous are led

Starboy rating-3.3

15. Nothing without you- this song is so well structured with a strong verse that builds into the hook which makes it amazing and it’s a song that resonates with me in terms of my own life. The lyrics are amazing as usual which is a common theme in this album. 

Sample lyric-The one I couldn’t stand to be with was myself

Starboy Rating-4.2

17. All I Know (feat. Future)- This song was the one I was most excited about because the last collaboration between The Weeknd and Future Low Life was a really good song so I saw lots of potential in this. I have to say it’s not as good a song as Low Life especially due to the massive lull between the instrumental and Future’s part  but it’s still great nonetheless with intelligent lyrics. 

Sample lyric-you sleep with one eye closed too scared to get heartbroke 

Starboy rating-3.4 (only because of me setting my expectations too high)

18. Die for you- I love how dark this song is and I relate to the lyrics heavily due to it summarising my life. The beat is amazing, the vocals are better and I’ll be listening to this song for ages. I’ve run out of superlatives. 

Sample lyric-i can’t afford love, I try to find reason to pull us apart 

19. I feel it coming (feat. Daft Punk)-this is a great feel good song to finish off the album. I can also relate to this song and it’s a great way to finish things off. I just accidentally repeated myself. 

Sample lyric-you’ve been scared of love and what it did to you

Starboy Rating-4 


I’ve run out of superlatives for this album and I’m sure it’s gonna win so many awards next year. I like practically every song and it’s a great mixture of feel good upbeat songs to turn up to and to belt out at the top of your voice and darker songs that require you to focus and get emotionally invested in them. Overall an amazing album that I would recommend to literally everyone as there’s something for everyone on this album.  

Final Starboy rating- 4.7 stars

Anyway that’s my first ever album done i worked incredibly hard on making it so please show it some love. Just remember these opinions were all my own and you may like some of the songs I was disappointed in and vice versa so please give this album a listen and let me know your opinions. I’ll see you later with more shit. 

Sav πŸ’ͺ🦁


20 thoughts on “Starboy-Track by Track Review

  1. Yassss this was ace! I’m not a massive fan of the band but it was great to read your opinions anyway πŸ™‚ And what’s your Spotify? Mine’s Hannasardothien (don’t ask)

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      1. That shows how bad of a memory I have… I forgot the name when typing my comment and in desperation wrote ‘band’ I deserve a medal

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