Late Night Ramblings

This post literally is my train of thought as of right now. Enjoy muchachos!

This is literally the most cliché title for a post. Wow I’m so mainstream someone hand me some bleach. Right now I’m as edgy as a fucking circle. 

Anyway sorry I’m just doing a collection of my thoughts for no absolute reason. Well that’s a lie I’m mainly writing this because I haven’t posted since November 24th and I basically wanted to remind you that I’m not dead yet. Do you see how I say things that other people think but don’t dare say? Yeah I love that. In fact Jay Z once said about Kanye that he just says shit everyone’s scared of saying or something like that does that mean I’m the reincarnation of Kanye? Fuck yes I get to have my own equivalent of Yeezys.  

Not gonna lie I was planning on doing a track by track review on The Weeknd’s new album Starboy but I’m too fucking lazy. I got through like 14 of the 18 or so songs on the album but I’m probably gonna change it as I love the album so much that there would be very little critique so it’s not worth it. I seriously recommend the album if you haven’t heard it already. 
I’ve noticed recently I don’t talk to anyone anymore. I’m not saying I have no friends online because I have an obscenely high amount. Rather I’m saying that I don’t answer texts anymore, I have no desire to talk to anyone and all I want to do is to just leave my house and be in the real world. I haven’t washed my hair in a couple days so it’s time to do so. It feels horrible and I hate it. 

School has been a pain because I’m actually leaving next week to go to Florida which is great but im trying to overcompensate by doing extra work now in order to soften the workload for when I come back. I’ve actually been sent to the headmaster’s office for price on Friday and I was borderline panic attack for most of the day because I was scared.

I also am upset that I’m not allowed to get my hair dyed not only because of my parents but also because of school. I’vee researched this thoroughly so I know what to do so that I won’t end up with just a single strand of colour in my hair after having been vocal of dying theirs a certain colour. They then go on to adding words onto the colour so that they can salvage their reputation as the twat just wants to say a very very light red instead of the colour pink. This is followed by the constant adjustment of their hair to fit the light and to show off the very few bits of colour.  Basically long story short I know my shit. 
I’m actually falling asleep so I’m gonna end the post here. Goodbye


15 thoughts on “Late Night Ramblings

  1. I’ve heard a few of the songs of Starboy and from what I’ve listened to so far, I think the album is great as well. I hope your workload dies down in the next couple of days so that you can enjoy your trip to Florida. I feel you with the whole being upset with not being allowed to dye your hair thing – my school doesn’t allow it either (I mean it’s not like my learning is gonna get affected in any way) and my parents would be furious if they found out I did anything to my hair although it’d be hilarious to see their reactions

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  2. FUCK YOU ,I’m so jealous i want to go to Florida
    Also I have no motivation to talk to anyone either; I want to get out and talk to people in real world, but I have 0 independence it’s fab. But we should have another meetup so I don’t feel so unmotivated

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