Plans Cancelled

Today I had a couple posts I planned to write. Especially today I meant to write about what and who I’m grateful for but due to an incident that happened this morning my positivity has been sapped due to some people making me feel like shit. I’d like to start this post with wishing all the Americans out there a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you guys eat so much that you explode as well as reflecting on how lucky you are to have certain things and people in your life.

Moreover, you know those 2016 blog awards that my good friend Elm is hosting? Yeah those. I’m gonna announce that I personally will not be nominating anyone in any of the categories because I don’t mean to alienate anyone. What I mean by this is due to me being on friendly terms with a lot of bloggers it could upset some of my friends and make them feel undervalued if I nominate someone else ahead of them. This sounds weird I know but it’s just that if I list a number of bloggers I appreciate for certain reasons then it can lead to certain people being left out and feeling undervalued if that makes sense.

Now this isn’t me telling all you guys what to do rather I’m telling you what I personally won’t be doing and my reason for it. I’m under no obligation to justify myself further so if you don’t like this decision then frankly there’s nothing you could do for me to reverse this decision. 

Also I’ve recently made a group chat on Twitter so if you’d be interested in joining please leave a comment saying you’d be interested or send me a DM on twitter and then I’ll just add you to it. 

Other than that, that’s me done for today. I hope you have a great day and I’ll talk to you when I have more energy. I am so thankful for literally every single one of you that follows me since you are so supportive and you make me happy regardless of whether I talk to you outside of the comments or not. Have a great day and I’ll talk to you later.

Sav 🦁💙💜


2 thoughts on “Plans Cancelled

  1. It’s more than okay not to nominate people 🙂 I understand your reasons and I like that idea. I hope you’re alright – remember that if people make you feel like shit, they’re not worth it. You’re worth a hundred times more than them.

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