I’m Hating Sixth Form because…

My name’s Sav and I don’t like sixth form at all. 

Anyway my main issue is the environment. There is still a massive social hierarchy with the “sports” crowd at the top and the “average” people at the bottom. This hierarchy also allows for more wiggle room for the people higher up the social ladder and I’ll give an example. So in the SILENT study room, emphasis on the word SILENT, there’s a group of people in the so called sports crowd that were talking to entire time and nobody said a thing to them whereas whenever someone else would talk the supervisor would tell them off instantly and move them without warning and it’s so unfair since there should be a balance. 

I mean don’t get me wrong I’m blessed to be able to get an education and there are a few good teachers that I have but otherwise most of them are either terrible at teaching or too autocratic. The teachers on the whole do offer us respect and do treat us right. However the teachers such as my head of year are more power hungry and just shout at everyone. For example they’ve banned my group of acquaintances from a certain area of the common room due to us playing cards in free periods. Now other groups do the same yet nobody says a thing to them. At the stage of sixth form, we’re choosing to be there so I believe we should be given the your fault system. For example:if we don’t do homework, our fault. If we turn up late, our fault, if we don’t work in our free periods, you guessed it; our fault and so on. So shouldn’t they be a little more, I don’t know respectful. 
Now onto the concept of uniform. Now I hate this so much especially because the school across the road allows their sixth form to wear their own clothes and look however they want. We on the other hand have the EXACT same uniform other than being able to wear shirts of a different colour. I knew I was getting myself in for this from the start but it’s so tiring having to feel the same as everyone else. I’ll tell you a story: my younger sister had her birthday party today and I recognised her friends based on their personalities and what they were wearing due to me obviously not knowing their names (although I learned a few). And the realisation hit me that if I were to put them in a uniform, I would never be able to recognise them individually. Now that’s concerning in my opinion because it shows what little individuality students are given in the UK and it’s honestly terrifying. I don’t see the point in these constant rules such as you must wear this, your hair must be of a “natural” colour, you can’t have piercings, you can’t dye your hair and the list goes on. Personally I don’t see the problem, I’m doing my work and that’s all that matters right?!?! 

You’re probably wondering why I haven’t left yet if it’s bothering me that much. This is because my parents didn’t let me leave the school despite having experienced bullying here and despite me hating the school since the minute I got there. Plus I would have absolutely nowhere to go that’s convenient because the only college near me only does English and maths retakes and practical, non exam based courses so there’s nothing for me unless I go to a college in Oxford which is over an hour from me by bus so it’ll be near impossible to do it. 

I’m helplessly stuck in this environment and I cannot do anything about it. I’ve tried to put on a brave face and suck it up for a long time now. But frankly it’s taking its toll on me and it’s one of the root causes for my general unhappiness and my inability to deal with everything. My friends that I’m slowly losing touch with are all in different schools/colleges and I’m here isolated at school as well as in my own home. But that’s a story for another day. 

Sav 🦁 



16 thoughts on “I’m Hating Sixth Form because…

  1. aw im so sorry you feel this way but i feel the same, to be honest. Whilst I go to a college, not a sixth form, so there is a lot more freedom and being treated like adults there, i still feel misunderstood. My teachers still pick on students and to get them to stop doing it to me i had to email them. I hate having to contact my teachers; it’s a very anxious thing to do. The workload is terrifying too; I’m in my 2nd year and they tell you that you get used to it but nope. Also, I am not a fan of the people here at all. My friends went to a different college and so I feel a bit isolated. People keep saying it’ll be over soon but it honestly feels like forever. It’s the lowest I’ve felt in a while.
    I really hope things turn around for you.

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    1. I honestly feel for you because of the way I’m going through a similar thing myself and honestly it’s hard and I don’t feel like I fit in despite being in that same school for over 5 years now and it’s alarming

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      1. yeah it’s that never fitting in, no matter how long you’ve been there. I’ve had that at like every school ever, because i’m different and they don’t like that. But it’s over soon… i guess XD

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  2. Yeah school honestly sucks sometimes. Your experience sounds really shitty so that’s not great. The teachers are there to do just that – TEACH us, not to make shitty, judgemental comments about who we are and the appearance that we chose to take. I hope things get better ❀

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    1. I know and it absolutely sucks so bad. They say that high school is meant to be the best time of your life but it’s honestly been horrible for me due to the social hierarchy, bullying and dictatorship


  3. I feel your pain😭😭 I hate the sixth form I go to as well, I’m in my last year thank God. The environment is so shitty, it’s such a cliquey year group. It makes me miss my secondary school so much, unfortunately it didn’t have a sixth form. The atmosphere was so lively and warm I really wish I could go back and re live secondary school again. Tbh my mum made me go to the sixth form I’m at which is annoying because this wasn’t my first choice but luckily, my teacher who used to work at my secondary school, a teacher that I admire, got a job at my sixth form. Every time I see him he always says the wisest words and always makes me smile because he never fails to have an optimistic outlook on things. He’s aware of how much I dislike sixth form and he said to me that “this is only temporary it won’t last forever. This is only a stepping stone for where you’re meant to go next, this isn’t your last destination.” And as always, I agreed with what he said. I despised sixth form more in the first year, and he pointed out to me that all that time I spent hating on school I could have done something to make the experience just a bit better. And he was right. Yeah maybe I didn’t put in enough effort to actually become friends with people because when I think about it I barely made any friends, mostly acquaintances. Even though the people who attended the sixth form didn’t make the best effort with me either lol but that’s besides the point. It’s only two years, it seems like a long time but trust me it’ll be over before you know it, so don’t let school get you down because it can mentally destroy you. I was really depressed in year 12, a year of moaning, negativity, sadness which I look back on and hate myself for because I could have spent that time being happier. Just remember that you can get through this. I’m sorry you’ve already had a bad experience at that school and had to stay to go to their sixth form but I hope it does get better for you xx

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    1. Thank you for the comment. To be honest school already has mentally destroyed me as you say. I have had this it’ll be over soon attitude back when I was doing my GCSEs and this attitude has honestly tired me out due to having nobody making an effort for me despite me going out of my way for them.


      1. You’re welcome, didn’t realise it’d be that long 😳😳 sorry for making you read so much! And I know, it’s really tough. I used to try to wake in the morning and say to myself that today I’m gonna try to enjoy my day and not be unhappy but it failed most of the time. You just gotta be brave and see it through. Do your best to make the most out of your two years even if you don’t like it there. I’m confused into why you had to stay for your schools sixth form because the school itself wasn’t good for you either.

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      2. Urgh I can understand your frustration, my mum made me switch from a college that I really wanted to go to because they did the courses I wanted to do + my whole friendship group went as well, to a sixth form instead. I barely see them now but that’s life I guess, there will be certain places that you’ll come across that you don’t particularly like. You just have to put up with it because it’s going to eventually end x

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  4. im in year 11 (whoop whoop rest in peace my fjucking ass) and whilst i cant really feel for you (i go to an all girls private secondary school in south london where everyone is chill as fuck) just bc i cant really relate, but if you go to a large sixth form im sure theres at least some people who aren’t utter twats. i too, am destined for a future of uniform (all of my sixth forms im applying to have uniforms), and my first choice is school where i’ll have to wear a suit (kill me). tbh i agree with you though like its all these dumbass private schools in the uk who care more about what your appearance is rather than your actual wellbeing and quality of teaching youre receiving and its a bit of a fucking disappointment just ugh i feel u in that respect

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    1. Yes. Exactly, my sixth form only gives a shit because it’s their responsibility to make sure you’re safe enough. They don’t put in any extra effort out of genuine concern for your well-being.

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  5. ah that sucks 😦
    Six form has been on my mind lately because I have the op of going to six form in London but I don’t know if to leave my friends behind or not. Anyway, only two years or so and you’re out of there πŸ™‚

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