How are you? Fine
The word fine has become my default means of answering questions of that nature, it’s much easier than explaining my incredibly unstable emotions which make no sense anyway. Sure I have answered by saying I’ve had a shit day to some but that’s as much explanation they’re ever gonna get. 
Frankly, fine means stressed, fine means overwhelmed, fine means that my head is currently talking shit yet I’m secretly believing it. I have so much to deal with right now and I honestly cannot anymore. It seemed about just over a month ago that my life was coming together, I was happy, I was talking to people, I left my house on a regular basis. Nowadays, I feel horrible, replying to text messages is a struggle and I only ever leave my house for school and that’s it. The people I considered closest to me now feel like they’re going away and I’m here racking my brain as to what bad I could possibly have done. 

You know what? This post isn’t worth writing so I’m gonna end it here as my feelings are too complicated. Bye


11 thoughts on “Fine

  1. Yeah, I get you on this one. Fine always seems to be used when we aren’t happy but we want people to just leave us alone. Fine is the word that I loathe – it merely masks how unhappy I actually am. Great post ❤

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  2. This post is so relatable. I can understand complicated. Complicated=My life. So when people ask me if I’m ok…of course I just say “Fine.” It depends who is asking if I’m ok. But I feel guilty for burdening others with my issues. So “Fine” is the easiest way to go. Anyways, hang in there! People fade in and out of your life and it sucks. But sadly, it’s life -.-


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