abi takes over mwahaha

bonjour bitches (see what i did there?). so in case you couldn’t tell, today sav has given me free reign over this post. not really, we have a plan to trade blogs and what we’re supposed to talk about, but i basically get to do whatever i feel like with that. anyways, sav and i have been friends since july something-or-other (it’s written in my phone but i don’t feel like pulling it up and i don’t just know our anniversary off the top of my head) and we still haven’t collabed so here we go. today sav and i are swapping posts to talk about each other and how we met and what blogger friendships are like yayyyy. so if you want to read some juicy cool stuff about moi and what it’s like being friends with me you should go over and check out sav’s post on my blog and also hey you should follow me because i just hit 100 and it’s really exciting and yeah! anyways let’s do this thing.

okay so because sav is not a procrastinator he’s already written most of his post so i’m copying his format and starting with first impressions. so basically, sav posted this thing about the struggles of wearing glasses which i related to immensely and decided to comment on and follow him. which consequently led to the two of us commenting back and forth, which progressed to email, dms, snapchat, etc. i think the first thing i thought about him was that his posts reminded me of something on buzzfeed, and that he was just kinda cool in general. i didn’t really have close blog friends at that point, ruby and i were chatting a bit, but nothing like sav and i now. i don’t really remember any initial thoughts i had on him other than that he seemed really cool and i really wanted to talk to someone.

now for a few random things you might not know about our dear friend sav the lion:

  • he can make literally anything into an innuendo and has ruined many a seemingly innocent thing for me. soup, baseball, bean, the flash and many more i can’t just think of off the top of my head.
  • he sometimes snapchats me really random things in the middle of the night that if i ask him about in the morning he will have zero recollection of. a few of my favorites: “furnace room”, “kai”, “trout fish”, and at one point an accidentally taken half-asleep selfie of only the top half of his head which he sent and then proceeded to fall back asleep.
  • he has this sassy, gay best friend persona that comes out when the situation calls for it. like if i snap a picture of my outfit for the day, complain about someone bugging me or doing something annoying, etc. it’s fabulous.
  • he’s is absolutely the most loyal person i’ve ever met in my life and if you are lucky enough to get close to him and have him as a friend he will murder anyone who hurts you. or at least hold a grudge that strong against them, which is both good and bad.
  • for some reason he’s really into soccer (sorry, football) and has a lot of strong opinions on it which is actually rather hilarious because you wouldn’t expect it.
  • one of my favorite things for the matter of its hilarity… he’s hates clothes. literally i cannot snap or skype him without him deciding he’s done wearing clothes that day and just taking his shirt off because he can. IMG_0940.jpg
  • this isn’t necessarily about him in particular but the two of us have a 50 something day snapchat streak we’re both particularly proud of. picture as proof (taken a few days ago so we’re past 51 days now). also this was taken from my phone so ignore all my other contacts he’s the one at the very top:
  • and finally, he makes some of the best goofy faces known to man. anytime i’m in a bad mood, he can tell and just starts making weird noises and sending me goofy pictures which pretty much always turns into goofy face contests once i’ve cheered up.

anyways, because this isn’t my blog and i’m not going to be writing 6,000 words, i’m gonna end this now. don’t be panini heads, eat all of the croissants, and have a great week! much love from everyone’s favorite punk butterfly, abi, and sav will be back to post whenever he feels like it. mwah!

xxx abi


8 thoughts on “abi takes over mwahaha

    And gah, I need to take your advice. There are so many bloggers that I'd love to speak to more, and I always wait until they talk to me? Lil Trish over here needs to pick up her communication skills more. Until then I shall just stick with the small amount I have. Not that I'd ever let go of them, because this is prime proof of how awesome they are 🙂
    Trish xx

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  2. i feel so uncomfortable that im replying to abi but like……. on someone elses blog. anyway nice post mom (notice that im writing MOM do u understand the sacrifices i make for you im british, saying mom hurts me on a metaphysical level)

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  3. hehe soccer #thoseamericans (which would be us. i am referring to us in the third person. which is okay. and hanna will now proceed to write this entire comment in third person MWAHAHAHAH (it’s halloween, i’m allowed to evil laugh without looking crazy))
    hanna doesn’t know if anyone knows this but hanna’s actually really shy. hanna’s not as shy as she used to be, after having moved around a lot and being forced to take the initiative, but she still gets those shy-introverted moments which occasionally comes out around bloggers. BLOGGERS, for goodness sake. and okay she’s been following sav for a while, but SHE HAS BEEN TOO INTIMIDATED but she isn’t anymore so yay

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  4. I am the QUEEN of not initiating conversation, and I know that if I wanna talk to new people or continue talking to old ones, I have to do this! Also this was the best post ever as ALWAYS 🙂 Taking over Sav’s blog is an awesome idea!

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