You left town recently 

You told me that you would definitely stay in touch and would never neglect me

I knew that was a total lie

I knew that you would abandon me as that’s what they’ve all done


You told me that you’d never forget me so often 

That I almost believed you. 

I let my expectations get ahead of my rationale and honestly it’s painful and frustrating

Because I saw it from a mile away

Yet I didn’t want to believe it. 

I didn’t want to admit to myself that I’d lose you

But as I’ve said I want you to be happy

If that’s with me;great, I’m happy

However if I’m not a part of that

Then I can come to terms with that. 

I’ve loved and I’ve lost far too many times and this can be just another person

To have proved my abandonment issues right

It’s kinda sad in a way

But I don’t blame you one bit

You’re happier now;you’re settled, you have made new friends

And I’m happy for you

And I always will be

Because as you’re drifting further and further away

I keep the memories close.

Sav 💪🦁


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