Closer-Music Video Reaction

The music video for the incredibly popular song Closer by The Chainsmokers has just dropped and here’s my reaction. Hold up let me just watch it. 

4 minutes later

Okay so that video has me hot and bothered and no wonder it took a long fucking time to make because Halsey looked sexy af and Drew probably fucked up several times just to make out with Halsey even more. I know I would’ve done the same. 

Okay in all seriousness I haven’t actually listened to the song itself in ages so experiencing the song for the first time in ages was refreshing because I’m so used to it being overplayed af. You see that’s kinda the problem with chart music you discover it, love it and then grow to hate it due to the amount of times you’ve listened to it in such a short space of time. 

The video however was really gripping and the chemistry between Halsey and Drew was friggin electric and I was pumped for the video ever since their VMAs performance due to the nature of the song and their stage chemistry was amazing so therefore I called that there would be some swapping of saliva at the bare minimum. I feel the video told a story and in a really entertaining manner because of the way it portrayed the flashback and then the present where they recognise each other and Halsey has that new hairdo and it’s just really cool. I mean normally I struggle to stay focused on music videos because they sometimes can be repetitive and boring and whenever I watch something I have to be doing something else like looking at my phone or something in order to stay engaged but with this I wanted to watch it start to finish. The ending had me shook because present Halsey left and Drew went after her but they didn’t do what everyone wanted them to do which was make out in the flashback and in the present. I don’t know but I’m low key happy that happened because it jazzed it up a little and didn’t make it obvious. 

But yeah that’s my reaction to the video which I just felt like doing because why the fuck not? And yeah I have a surprise collab in the works so stay tuned for that. Anyway peoples stay fabulous and I’ll holla at you later. 



15 thoughts on “Closer-Music Video Reaction

  1. Went to YouTube to watch the video as soon as I saw heading. It was… Eh… Okay. I liked the song as soon as I heard it but I don’t hate it since I’m more of a lyric than “chart” person.
    And the video is okay. What’s getting you “hot and bothered πŸ˜ͺ”? If you noticed, there wasn’t any tongue action. Just subtle lips caressing 😌

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