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What’s popping and welcome to another post. I would’ve posted much sooner but WordPress was being a dick and deleting all the drafts I’d been writing so I couldn’t be bothered to write them again since I wasn’t feeling it anymore. Anyway this post is gonna be another advice post and so this is the question. 

How do I deal with my best friend replacing me?

Firstly I’d like to tell you that I can relate to this and it hurts so you’re not alone. 

In terms of actual advice it’s not to take this personally because sometimes your use in somebody’s life is not always gonna be eternal and it’s possible that this person has simply outgrown you and reached other priorities so yeah. People aren’t always gonna stay in your life, they’re gonna grow as well as yourself and your growth can’t support them as dead weight in your life. 

In terms of the circle of the life of friendships, you yourself probably replaced this best friend’s other best friend if that makes sense. So you will replace and be replaced by other people whether you like it or not and it’s just a reality of life. 

However if they’re being a douchebag about things then they’re simply not worth it and not good enough friends for you and it’s necessary you cut them off if they’re causing you pain since there’s no point in staying in a place where you’re unhappy. It’s better to put your energy into friends that deserve your company instead of the friends whose hearts aren’t quite directed towards you.

Obviously it’s gonna hurt being replaced and I appreciate that but what you need to do is talk to other people and maybe you’ll find another friend who turns out to be a better friend than the replacer has ever been. I know its hard for some people including myself to talk to people but sometimes it’s necessary to be brave and to just do it regardless of any fears. I know you’re thinking that there’s nobody I’m that friendly with but what you have to do is establish a closeness. For example in terms of my own life one of my blog friends Abi or you may know her as thepunkbutterfly or something like that. At first we weren’t that good friends I mean we talked about Panini heads a little but we weren’t that close and she’ll admit that too. However what she did was made herself closer by taking that extra step and that’s basically lead to us being really good friends and having this really positive relationship in which we make each other better and balance each others personalities out so yeah make yourself closer to the person. 

I think that’s all I have for today in terms of advice for that so I hope that helped and if the asker has any more questions or needs anything else I’ll be there to help them more if they need it. Anyway I’ll see you guys later. 

Sav 💪🦁


35 thoughts on “Sav Advises

      1. Ahhhh. Well just know that sometimes you can’t help people slowly drifting away and being replaced by others. I know you’re not the type to completely ostracise someone from your life

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