A New Beginning

Hello and welcome to the beginning of my advice series. In case you’re not sure, in this series I will be taking questions from some of you guys and answering them with mt best advice. Details on how to get involved are at the end of the post. 

 Today’s Question: There’s this boy I really really like but he doesn’t know I like him and he has lots of girls who are friends so he probably just considers me as a friend. I really like him though; he’s so smart and stuff. I want him to see, subtly, that I like him. Is there a way I can do that? 

Omg my favourite type of question:relationships. Kinda ironic because I can barely keep a girlfriend. But yeah what you my advice is that you really should wait it out and not stress yourself out over guessing whether he likes you because you don’t have the pressure to make the first move and so you can wait for him to decide whether he likes you back.

I mean if he likes you then great if he doesn’t then there will be someone else for you who’s a better fit for you. I know these things are hard because it feels like this person is the all you see but the world can produce some incredible shocks from time to time. I mean in my past couple relationships, I never thought I’d actually like them in that way and they ended up being the most fulfilling relationships I’ve ever been in (although the most heartbreaking at the end) but that’s another piece of advice in itself. 

The thing of showing you like him is literally doing the basics and being yourself. I know I said the most cliche thing ever but please bear with me. The thing with fronting is that you end up getting exhausted from the front and when it comes down then it can turn people off you. So literally be yourself and if he picks up then great if he doesnt then that’s his loss. Although if you want to show him you like him then slowly introduce physical contact in your interactions. For example light touches and that go a long way in terms of breaking the touch barrier. This may plant the idea into his head and he may begin to take a closer look into you as a person in order to analyse whether he feels you’re right for him. 

With regards to being considered as a friend, you don’t know if he sees you as a friend. I mean I have about 90% girls as friends so if he likes you then he’d make a clear differentiation and illustrate to you whether he sees you as a friend or a girlfriend. 

I know I haven’t given you much advice apart from introducing small subtle bits of physical contact but with this case the ball is in his court whether he chooses to ask you out or something. What I’d say to do is put in effort and talk to him before you decide to go further and let’s say you want a relationship for argument’s sake;then you’d have to really ask yourself whether you like him or the idea of being with him because it’s important to be on the same page in any type of relationship. My best advice possible is to not get your hopes up because it’s his choice whether he likes you and all you need to do is prove you’re there for him and a part of his life and the rest is down to him. 

Anyway that’s the end of my advice and I hope this helped. If there’s any further questions from the asker then just hit me up on my contact me page and I can talk through it in more detail. If you want to get involved then head over to my contact me page and choose a medium to contact me over and then send me a question(s) on things you need advice on. Let me know if you liked this and I’ll see you later. 



21 thoughts on “A New Beginning

      1. Yep you isn’t MEANT to happen of course, but some people feel bad if they say something very honest in case it hurts the person’t feelings. Even though advice HAS to be honest

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  1. This advice is gold. I’ve always been in this position but I never really had the courage to initiate anything. Oh well, they’ve all either moved away or got girlfriends. I’m over this. Pizza is life.

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