Okay so this post is exactly what the title says. 

During a conversation a few weeks ago with the ever so wondrous Allie the conversation of pranks came up and she ended up saying and I quote “I want to be pranked” so I obliged and did this prank. 

So how this prank works is I basically texted her pretending to be drunk and seeing her reaction and the conversation went a little like this.

So by this point I’d taken pity on her and I decided to tell her it was a prank and here was her reaction. 

And that was the prank done. Can I just give Allie a shout out for being such a babe and a good sport in this prank and letting me blog this because I just wanted to share with you guys how much of a true friend she is in the way that she was so caring and she took it well. 

Anyway that’s the end of the post and let me know if you enjoyed this. I probably won’t be doing many more prank posts unless a really good one comes around. Anyway I’ll see you next time with another post. 

Sav 💪🦁


42 thoughts on “DRUNK TEXTING PRANK

  1. I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU’D DONE THIS TO ME I WOULD HAVE BEEN SO FREAKED OUT. do not. ever. prank me like this. ever. your random sleep texting texts are weird enough (furnace room) this would be too much.

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      1. good. 😂😂😂 I also find it hilarious how you fell asleep still typing on snapchat last night and it kept telling me you were typing so i thought you were still awake for a long while there.

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