Time to Talk:FUCK

Namaste bitches and welcome to my first time to talk. Wow I haven’t done one of these in ages. Anyway for those of you who are new to my blog, a time to talk is basically a post where I give you guys a life update and tell you what’s going down in Sav world. 

First of all: the biggest issue that’s been affecting me. A lot of you already know this as my blog friends but I have broken up with my girlfriend and it’s a fucking bitch to get over. I’m not asking for your sympathy and for you to say awwww my poor savvy wavvy got dumped. I’m literally only telling you this because it’s a part of my life. We broke up because she still loves her ex and she only got in a relationship with me in order to distract her in getting over her own ex. I’m not gonna go too much into the nitty gritty of what I felt and what she said because I don’t like talking about it but all I’ll say is she did it over text when she’d seen me earlier that day. I’ve honestly been struggling with the break up because I see her all happy and moved on while I’m still in love with her and it fucking hurts. Our mutual friends have also been hanging out with her and obviously I don’t expect to be invited along with her because it’ll be awkward but I at least expected more support from my friends rather than them basically implying they’re on her side because they invited her to hang out and not me. I’m struggling to trust anyone these days no matter who they are no matter what they’ve done to me because I feel betrayed by people that said they’d always support me and wouldn’t abandon me so often that I began to believe it. The people that I felt the closest to have started to abandon me and I’m honestly in no place to trust anyone anymore when they say that they’re on my side. Anyway yeah I’m single now so if anyone wants to be my girlfriend or boyfriend then contact me in any way you want just go look at my contact page. I’m actually 100% serious. 

Anyway that’s my shitty love life over with. If you want to read about a more interesting love life then go check out Elm’s blog. I’ll go onto everyone’s favourite thing in school right now. 

School has been still shit for me because I haven’t met anyone new, not that many of the annoying idiots didn’t get back into sixth form and I’m still lonely af. I’m already overwhelmed by the amount of work involved and it all combines to be shit. A positive is that I have a new form tutor that’s really hot and for English I have a hot teacher so I’m kinda winning here. Apart from having hot teachers, school has remained shit. 

I also feel like my blog is going downhill. I mean I don’t care about how often I post and stuff but I feel like my content has gone to shit recently. I used to be incredibly funny and I’d always make entertaining posts but these days I just feel as if I complain during every post I make and you guys don’t actually enjoy reading my life crap.

Okay so that’s all I want to talk about for now. This post was basically an excuse for why I haven’t posted in almost a week but yeah my blog my rules. Please let me know if you enjoyed it or still enjoy my blog and I’ll see you later. 

Sav the Single one


68 thoughts on “Time to Talk:FUCK

  1. I’m sorry about everything bad that’s gone recently but I won’t mention that because you said not to. However, I had my first day of sixth form today and I ended up in tears because they told me I couldn’t do French because it clashed with another subject. When that other subject has too many in a class so all they need to do is split the class and I could go in the group that isn’t at the same time as French. I’ve already missed my first French lesson so it’s like great I’m going to be the new new kid πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ˜­that’s if they even allow me to do it anymore

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  2. Ok. This might annoy you but anyways. I am 14 and I’ve never been in a relationship for some reason like (parents, I am ugly and fat as shit etc). But I do understand how you feel as my friends are in relationships and tell me most of it. I am happy and I mean I’ve had crushes. There was this boy who liked me but was too scared to ask me out (he said to his friend when I am beside him while going crazy red, I would go out with her. I was like did u ask me out or not. So yep.) Maybe being alone is a way for u to figure out things. I DO ABSOLUTELY LOVE UR BLOG! I hope u feel better and that school isn’t as shit as it is

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    1. First of all, thank you so much for you comment.
      Second of all don’t call yourself fat and ugly because literally if you look around you in everyday life, everyone has a different body or appearance and so it really doesn’t matter. For the people who are worth your time, they’ll see a really beautiful person to the extent of you questioning whether they’re on drugs because they think you’re that beautiful.

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  3. She really doesn’t know the mistake she’s made. I like your blog! ( Even though I’m new here) You’re so open and frank and I think that’s all that matters. ❀ ❀ Don't question your sexuality because of her though. Urgh! Did I say that? Whatever. Anyway, it's Adoma. All the best!


  4. What the hell? She was dating you to forget her ex? I’m not an expert in this subject cause I’m a bitter lonely person but dude, you’re no one’s toy!! Don’t let people do that! Even if she’s your crush, but it hurts I know. And dude, your friends also have her as a friend? Dude don’t let that bring you down, show’em you’re over it (even if you’re not). Don’t let her win!
    Anyways, I hope you get better (emotionally) soon!! XD XD

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    1. The thing is that I love her and I cannot turn those feelings off like a button. I’m not gonna lie to you it’s really difficult to just try and hide the pain because when I do then it gets worse and comes back even more painful than before

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  5. Dude I can totally understand you. You see life is getting busier for both of us. Don’t mind her, ok. There’s better out there. My crush broke me to pieces. My true crush. So,I’m staying away from that until someone comes to me with true feelings in the future. I don’t want to break myself again. I’m not tough, I’m sentimental. I just wanna focus on education and not mind drama and crushes. They never last at this age. Unless you find your soulmate now. Which is impossible in my case.
    I’m happy to say my depression is gone. I have nothing to worry in life. I’m very glad I have a friend like you.
    When I see my old crush I get sad and angry. It’s shit ,man.
    I suggest don’t search for gf. Wait it out,focus life. and you’ll get the best one ever. Remember the funny crush thing we did. LOL.
    There will be a girl who would be willing to die for you. And a boy for me. Wait for it.

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    1. I remember the crush thing really well πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Anyway yeah you’re right I needed that comment because in my relationship before his one I waited until I found someone I truly love and I did and I was happy in the relationship. I’m happy to have a friend like you too


  6. Your friends kinda piss me off-not inviting you isn’t cool especially if they know about the breakup’s circumstances. I’ve had a couple bad break ups but trust me you’re gonna feel better (remember my hair analogy)
    and until then you have all these amazing people ^^ to cheer you up! And I’m always here too πŸ™‚

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  7. I can’t believe she got with you to distract her from her ex! What a jerk move. At least its over, and hey – you’re one step closer to finding the person who will love you more than she ever did. πŸ™‚
    Anyways, I just recently discovered your blog and I absolutely love it. I read some of your recent posts and I think the content is great! Keep it up!

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  8. Even tho I’m a girl, I can say that soe girls are bitches! And that girl definitely one of them u knw! And she probably wasn’t woth wasting ur time on πŸ™‚ So don’t worry and be happy! Hope yuh feel better! πŸ™‚

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  9. That wasn’t fair to you AT ALL! People do weird ass shit to get over their ex but playing with someone else’s feelings is definitely NOT the way to go. We’re talking about someone who has actual feelings, which get hurt. Honestly, she isn’t worth it. She didn’t treat you the way you should be. I’m sure there will be much more people out there who’ll be much better than her. If not, being single is bloody awesome.
    And believe me, your blog is wonderful. You seriously shouldn’t beat yourself up about not being able to post quality. Your posts are quality, even if you don’t think so πŸ™‚

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  10. What your girlfriend did to you was wrong. So, so wrong. You deserve better. I’m always here should you want to talk πŸ™‚
    Your blog has always been, is, and always will be fabulous, like you. Keep it up πŸ˜€

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