Kanye West

Whaddup lions and welcome to a post that sounds a little weird from the title but I’ll explain. I’m only using kanye as an example to emphasise my point so yeah I’ll get onto the post. 

Kanye West…

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you hear that name? 

I’m gonna be straight with you and say that a lot of you probably hate Kanye West for whatever reason and my point is why? In my opinion a lot of people hate him for the Taylor Swift’s speech interruption where he said Beyonce should’ve won. Now I’m not saying that he did good because that was pretty bad of him. This incident makes people automatically say he’s an asshole and he can be a total asshole. But who can’t? Who on this earth has the inability to be in the wrong? 

People also hate him for those lyrics in his song famous“for all my southside N***** that know me best I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex why? I made that bitch famous” . Initially Taylor claimed that Kanye never asked permission for the lyrics and Kim and Kanye claimed that there was a phone call that took place and Kim and Kanye’s story of Taylor approving the lyrics and actually liking them was proven true. Therefore he didn’t do anything wrong. You could come back with the point he didn’t mention the “I made that bitch famous” part in the phone call. However the issue was approving the name-drop not anything else so therefore he didn’t do anything wrong in my opinion. 

This has made me form the opinion that everyone hates him because he upset the world’s media darling. Taylor Swift as much respect I have for her, is the media’s sweetheart and so it’s become popular and “cool” to like her and popular and cool to dislike anything that she does. This has resulted in it being the trendy thing to hate Kanye. 

Now I personally used to hate Kanye not gonna lie. However it took me time to understand that I actually hate him for no apparent reason. In my opinion, he’s a creative inspiration, a great artist and well dressed. His music and his music videos are a form of art in my opinion and that applies for any other artist of any form. So like it’s kinda offensive to question the artist’s art and to judge based off what you see. My point is in reality only kanye knows what he’s meant to be portraying in his music and those who see what’s in front of them and choose to ignore a potential deeper meaning are just narrow minded. I don’t know what he intended in his music and I have no intention of finding out. That’s only for the artist to know. 

I guess my point for this post was to not be so quick to judge others and to think critically in order to form your own opinions about things and people. I’m not gonna try and be a saint because I admit I do judge people from time to time based on their mere appearance or a single action I see them do. However I can’t control that and that’s human nature. The aim of this post wasn’t to get more Kanye fans but to raise awareness of the people out there who like or dislike things based on what’s popular. This all stems from popular figures expressing what they do online and for everyone to copy them. For example;Kylie Jenner put her ramen recipe on Snapchat and everyone started copying her because they saw a popular, rather attractive celebrity do it, so everyone else did it. It’s a simple process that applies to many scenarios. Do your favourite lion a favour and don’t be afraid to be yourself.

That’s the end of this post and I hope you enjoyed it. I did take a break from the internet for a few days because I’m going through a lot of shit and I’m not in the mood to talk about it. All I’m gonna tell you is that someone made a mistake and it impacted me. I’m sure some of my friends may know what I’m on about but anyway yeah I’ll shut up. 

Sav 💪🦁


36 thoughts on “Kanye West

    1. YAAASSS. Not gonna lie, I was expecting everyone to give me a bollocking for going against what’s popular. Even though Taylor is a great artist in her own right and is incredibly successful, some people don’t see the other side sometimes and thanks so much it means a lot to me for you to say that


  1. everyone is so salty about kanye west and like? i have so much respect for him?? theres this story from 13/14 years ago from when he was a producer and one time he showed some of the higher up people one of his demos and he got laughed out of the room, so for him to have gone from that to this is a pretty big achievement.

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    1. I never knew this story! This is so inspiring because it’s so easy to give up after that and I would’ve considered giving up if that happened to me. I’ll be honest I’m glad you commented because I actually have respect for him as of recently and I admire myself in the way that I was fine with admitting to my past prejudice of judging him.

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  2. This thing is so important to understand. You shouldn’t judge people for how they look or behave. Maybe they were having a really bad day. I always try get to know a person better and find out why they did something before I judge them. /KB

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    1. You’re a great person for that and maybe he was having a bad day at the VMAs all those years ago. It’s always good to find out someone’s story before judging them. Thanks for your comment

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  3. Hmm, I don’t actually hate Kanye West. To be honest, I’m quite neutral; I think that him saying that he was the best living artist was a bit arrogant but who am I to judge? I don’t exactly care about celebrities as it is because they are just normal people, so much as I may respect some of them, it’s no more than I’drespect someone I knew – with some exceptions of course.
    Your post made me think. I used to hate One Direction ages ago, until I realised that I didn’t hate them properly – that I hated them for no good reason, as you said. So, it was pointless.

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    1. Yeah this did apply to one direction too because I realised I hated them for no reason and everyone else seemed to do it so it looked appropriate to hate them. I’d never like wish death upon them by blowing up their Twitter with threats but I’d always shade them at every opportunity. I’m glad it made you think since thats the point of my posts

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    1. But people are always gonna judge you and have a problem no matter what you do so you gotta learn to ignore it. At least you’ve changed and that’s all that matters

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  4. I’m a die-hard Swiftie but even I have to agree that what she did was…not really fair? Anyway, this was a really nice way of bringing forth the point that we shouldn’t be that quick in judging people 🙂

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