Results Day

Okay so I have some explaining to do.

Today is GCSE results day as you’re probably aware and I’m not sure if it’s okay to share my results but oh well fuck it I want to write so I’ll write. I waited until my mind had stabilised before I wrote in order to prevent an emotionally charged post that consisted of me crying but yeah so today I got my results and here’s the story of getting them.

I woke up really early today after having a dream of getting Es and Fs so I was pretty shook because I thought I was gonna do apocalyptically bad and so I took my time getting ready in order to pass the time and for it not to feel like long and I got ready with an hour to spare. This meant I had to wait for my parents to get ready which felt like an eternity but it really was 20 minutes. So I went to the car and whimpered and how nervous I was.

When we pulled up at school I instantly took off to collect my results leaving my parents behind and I whimpered some more and decided to be even more nervous. I wasn’t taken notice of by any of the idiots at school which was good because I have no time for them at all. So we were to go in and I needed to be told three times because I was so shook and so I went in and went up to the table and the teacher sitting there saw me shaking like a phone on vibrate and he asked if I was okay to which I replied yes and I saw him low key laughing but anyway that’s beside the point.

So I opened my results and my eyes scanned the whole paper for grades until I regained my composure and I read these grades out

Ancient History:B- At the time I was really disappointed and I still am became I got an A on the mock but I fucked up on the coursework and the final exam so yeah I suck.

Biology:C- I suck at sciences so to have passed is good right? I did work incredibly hard for it though and I would’ve liked to get more

English language:B- again coursework be fucking me up. I got an A on the exam which was so difficult. Literally on the second section it told me to write a story about when I found something really difficult. I chose that exam to write about it was that hard.

English literature:A- I’m happy with this even though it’s just about an A but at least I didn’t fail it. I also got full marks on one of the papers which is dope

Maths:B- at least I passed, maths is one of my weakest subjects so I’m happy I passed.

Physics:C- again I just wanted to pass

Chemistry:C- I though I’d have done better because I worked hard.

French:A*- I was really happy with this in fact it was an expectation to get an A* because it’s one of my strongest subjects.

Latin:B- I arguably worked the hardest for Latin and I am one UMS off an A which I’m gonna try and get due to re-marking and stuff. But the literature side fucked me over.

German:A*- I am the happiest with this one because I got four UMS off of full which is amazing for me.

So after I got these results I went outside laughing at how bad I’d done in my opinion and so I thought I had done really badly especially because my sister got 7A*s 4As and a B. So I was thinking I’d let everyone down and stuff and other people in my family had done better and so I felt really bad. I texted Elm afterwards and asked how she’d done because I was interested in knowing and so I found out that she got 7A*s and 4As which made me go “yep I’m dumb as shit”. However everyone thought I’d done well and now I sort of believe that I did.

Anyway so that’s my results story and to end I’d just like to say that it’s okay if you didn’t get what you wanted your worth as a person isn’t at all determined by a load of letters on a piece of paper like what’s inside your heart is all that matters. Anyway let me know if you liked this and I’ll see you later. 

Savinator McLionface πŸ’ͺ🦁


57 thoughts on “Results Day

  1. Thats good dude! I do latin gcse (im going into year 11) but we do it with WJEC even though our school is in London so?? I’m doing like 250 lines of Ovids Metamorphoses and then we do like Martial’s epigrams and something else for my literature section?? What lit did you do?

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  2. You did brilliant! Believe me you did not do bad at ALL, my Mum’s been a secondary school teacher for 6/7 years and over the course of her teacher-hood she’s seen some people who have done really badly (mainly bc they didn’t try) but you are DEFINITELY not one of them. Okay? πŸ™‚

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  3. Ayeeeeeeee I’m proud of you!! Does it matter that we don’t really know each other? MehπŸ˜‘ it doesn’t to me. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! As and Bs and Cs don’t matter!!! You worked hard and proved that you can do so much!!! So don’t worry and be happy! ☺

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  4. Congratulations on your result. It sucks when you don’t do as well as you wanted on an exam, especially when you studied really hard but, like you said, it doesn’t matter much in the grand scheme of things.
    Wait till you get into college or get a job; that’s when the real fun begins.
    All the best.

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    And congratulations for results!
    HI DERE.
    Oh gosh. First impression’s the last impression. I am civil and calm I wholeheartedly promise. Greetings.
    Sorry I just.
    Classics. Which text did you do?
    (I feel like I ought to have commented here before because Elm has mentioned you on her blog before – I came via her – but I’m sorry I’m not particularly great at blogging.)

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    1. Ahhhh well at least you’re here hopefully following #selfpromo. Anyways yeah we did Virgils Aeneid book 9 and other shit about Pliny the elder. How about you?

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      1. Language 2 was part of my ancient history set text so I only dropped two marks on it. However the Pliny made me want to suffer the same fate as pomponianus

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      2. That’s brilliant! Oh gosh Pliny was so wordy. I memorised it word for word in the end through recitation and hoped for the best. Weirdly I found the Greek set texts easier (but crazier).
        Oh Latin. Latin. Latin.
        You taking it next year?

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      3. Fuck no!! Because Latin made me want to drink bleach after every lesson. I can’t stand euryalus and his stupid fucking helmet


      4. FUCK OFF otherwise Like a hungry lion raging through fields of sheep I’ll drag the soft click dumb with fear and I’ll roar with my bloody mouth


  6. Seriously, these are GREAT grades! You got even better than what you expected so, i mean, that’s the REAL goal here, right? You proved to YOURSELF that you can do it and hey, you did πŸ™‚

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