My New System

Whaddup Lions and welcome to another post that’s kinda supposed to clear shit up so let’s go.

I’m not gonna lie to you guys, I’m not enjoying blogging right now. I used to post almost every single day whether I was happy, I would post. Whether I was sad, I would still post just to get out content for the sake of getting out content. This led to many times where I’d feel guilty for not producing my best work and then I’d get annoyed and hate myself more than I already do. And so I decided that something had to be done and here is my plan of action.

I will only post when I feel like posting whether that’s once a day, once a week or once a month I don’t care. I’m not going to keep a filter between telling you my real life shit because this is my space on the internet and I can do whatever the fuck I want. I’m not gonna devote posts to talking about my girlfriend unless it’s a creative writing piece because it’s a personal pet peeve of mine when people talk about their girlfriend or boyfriend the entire time. I’m not gonna post shit just because people tell me to, fuck that. Whether you guys are okay or not with my decision to only post when I want to is irrelevant because I simply don’t care and I want to work on myself rather than responses to haters.

I would drag about the post further but I don’t want to so I’m gonna be done for today so goodbye for now.

Sav 💪🦁


11 thoughts on “My New System

  1. Hey! I think it’s great that you’ve made this decision. Obviously your blog is yours and you should never feel pressured to put a post out just for the sake of it. Keep doing you! 🙂

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