I Need Your Help

Namaste bitches and welcome to a different kind of post.

So as you may know, I’ve been busy with NCS recently and I’ve been in a group of 16 doing charity work for a charity called Sparkles the link to their website is HERE. You can find more information on what they do on their website but in a nutshell;Sparkles is a charity that helps young children with Down’s syndrome and they specialise in three types of therapy: Physiotherapy, occupational and of course speech therapy and they allow children to not feel alone in the way that they can have other friends with Down’s syndrome which not only builds a community amongst the children but it also allows the parents to make friends. This can help eliminate further insecurities in the future due to people feeling inferior but I’m telling you that’s not the case. I met with a lady and her son who’s been getting therapy and the kid was a ball of sunshine and you know how much I hate small children. The kid (who I haven’t been given permission to name so I won’t say it), has recently learned to say the words I love you to his mother and I heard him say it and it was so friggin cute.

So why am I telling you this?

The answer to that question my beautiful friend is because I’m encouraging you to donate to the charity. My group have set up a page on go fund me and the link is HERE. Now I’m aware that most of my readers are teenagers and so you probably don’t have a lot of access to money, but my aim for this post was for you to perhaps ask anyone from friends, to your mother, your father, your sister, your granny Gertrude and etc to donate.

Our aim is to simply raise £150 from go fund me and £2000 overall and we were laughed at and doubted by a panel of experts who said that it was too ambitious an amount and so I’m even more fired up to raise some money. But I believe we can raise it and I KNOW you guys can help in some capacity and pull through for your fellow Lion. No matter how small the donation, it all counts whether it’s £1 or £1000 because it all goes towards the fund Please at least share this around on your social media sites so that more people can find out. Even if you can’t personally donate, if you share it round Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tumblr or anything. Then you could find someone who can donate and then maybe we can reach our goal. I will leave the go fund me link on my Twitter as a pinned tweet and at the end of this post so you can’t miss it at all!!

Anyway that’s the end of the post and please reblog this and spread the message, I don’t normally ask for reblogs and shares but it’s a worthy cause and because of you…yes you reading this, a child can learn to speak. Anyway that’s me done for today and yeah please share the link and donate. Thanks so much Lions, you’re the best.

Sav the Lion



9 thoughts on “I Need Your Help

  1. Hey dude, I would totally donate but 1. I would never be allowed to and 2. I do stuff in $, not € (go USA)
    So, sorry buddy. I’ll reblog for you even tho I don’t know you ;D

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  2. Reblogged this on Expensive Rainbows and commented:
    Heyyyyyyy little magical minions! Omigosh I should totally do that as an intro. Alliteration for the win! Anyways, I’m reblogging this even tho I’ve never met this guy before, but I’m helping him out in the best way I am capable since I can’t donate. Check it out!!!!!!
    Wishing you the infinite magic of love, {*~infinitmagic~*}

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