Whaddup Lions and welcome to a post that I’ve been wanting to make for a a really long time and it may or may not turn into a rant, it depends on how my mood escalates. Today I’ll be talking about the use of the word “depressed” in the terms that it’s sometimes used in. so let’s get into the action. 

How many of you guys have said that something is “depressing” or that you’re “depressed” in a minor situation? Its okay, be honest because I’m not angry at all. In my opinion people use the words that link to depression far too loosely and I’ll give you a few examples.

“That film/book/song is depressing”

“I woke up feeling depressed today”

“Ugh cleaning the house gives me depression”

“Oh no I don’t have wifi! I feel so depressed without it”

This liberal use of words linking to depression is a pet peeve of mine because it shows ignorance and a lack of awareness as to what depression actually is. Depression is not just feeling sad for a few hours or even a day or two;everyone has their rough patches and bad times, depression is according to what I’ve been told only diagnosable when the symptoms have been going on for two weeks. Depression isn’t a synonym for being sad but a real mental health illness that is known to kill people. Depression isn’t this thing that you wake up with because you’re back at school for the week, it’s when you wake up over a long period of time with this crippling pain inside that’s annoyed that you haven’t died yet. Depression is when you feel dead inside, you feel like you’re hopeless and nothing will get better.

I believe that we should be careful about our use of words linking to depression or any other mental health issue for that matter whether it be OCD, Bipolar, anxiety etc. This is because it can offend people who actually suffer from these problems because it’s kinda like a slap in the face to people with mental health problems in the way that a major problem they have and could be getting real therapy for is being referred to in loose terms when minor problems come up.

I will compare this to using the word “gay” as an insult or to describe something bad;it does offend gay people when you say something is gay when you mean that it’s bad, in the same way the word depressing affects a depressed person. I’m not being hypocritical here because I only say that I feel depressed because I’m a person who actually suffers from depression and I only use the word “depressed” when something is really, genuinely wrong. I kind of feel like it’s similar to the way that black people use the N word;if a white person said that word, then it’s bad and offensive but if a black person uses it then it’s okay because they’re black themselves so it’s nearly like they sorta “own” the word (I put the word “own” in quote marks because it’s the closest word to describe my opinion.) This is the same as people with depression using words to do with depression or people with actual OCD using the word OCD because the people with the illnesses know how it feels if that makes any sense.

That’s the end of my post today and let me know if you agree with my points because this is a topic that affects me deeply. I’d also like to remind you that I’ll be going on my second week of NCS tomorrow so that means no post until Friday at the earliest. As usual stay true to yourselves and stay fabulous.

Sav the Lion 💪🦁


13 thoughts on ““Depressed”

  1. i definitely agree. i think people need to stop using the word depressed as a synonym for sad/upset, they don’t really think about what they’re saying but it’s actually inconsiderate and ignorant. great post Sav

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  2. Thank you for making this post since this is quite an important issues. I notice especially as you go from primary to secondary many children begin using certain words to express coolness I guess and fail to realise the impact in doing so.


  3. You’re so right! I am so happy someone feels the same as me! I’ve been going through severe depression and hearing this makes me smile inside myself!

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