The Food Tag #2

Whaddup Lions and welcome to the food tag. As some of you may know. Yonks ago, I invented a tag called the food tag because I was bored. However nobody bought into it because I’m an unloved loser :(. Just kidding I’m perfect. Anyway the rules are as follows: 

  • 1.Talk about food, a few ideas are: favourite(s), least favourite(s), how often you eat it and your favourite type e.g Italian, Chinese etc. 
  •  There are no more because who the hell wants to be restricted by stupid rules. 

Right now Ima start with my favorite foods. So I don’t have a definitive favourite food and it all depends on the category. One food that stands out is cereal (ugh here Sav goes again about his stupid cereal squad that he loves very much). Yeah thats why I’m not elaborating on it. However the UK really does need to up its cereal game because we don’t have many top quality cereals worth my jaw energy I also found out that there’s a place in London where you can eat cereal like in a real full on cereal bar where the menu consists of cereal so any bloggers who live in London, do get into contact so I can eat cereal with you and give you hugs! Cereasly though someone come with me. I also love the one and only pizza which makes me speechless and needs no introduction whatsoever. You guys are aware how much I love pizza by now.

Now onto my least favorites:  I hold a very strong distaste towards fruit near chocolate and in cake and stuff. Fruit belongs in cake just as much as Donald Trump belongs in the white house. THE POINT IS HE DOESN’T. Fruit belongs in cake and chocolate just as much as Britain belong in the EU. I’m gonna organise a Frexit referendum to ban fruit in cakes and chocolate now. Otherwise food is all goodle for me. 

Now it’s time for my favourite places to eat from: I am weird with eating from different places but I love to order pizza like a LOT. No joke if it were up to me my house would be made of recycled pizza boxes. Environmentally friendly and a good conversation starter. For example.

Jimmy: Hey Sav what’s your floor made out of, it looks really pretty, 

Me: why thank you Jimmy my floor is made of recycled pizza boxes, 

Jimmy: wow that’s so cool you’re so environmentally friendly. 

Me: I know Jimmy *hair flick*

What was the question????? Oh yeah ordering pizza, so yeah I would just go for Domino’s or another place in my area that does an 18 inch pizza for like Β£12 or something which is AMAZING!!!

What do I think of my country’s food? Well I personally am privileged to originally be of Asian descent so therefore I can have an escape from British food. Seriously I’m used to my mother’s cooking which is full of unidentifiable spices and we have a massive cupboard of spices that’s actually overflowing. I naturally am not a big fan of British food because it’s just not for me. Like WTF is a Sunday roast, seriously I’ve never had one in my life. *British people massacre me in the comments*. But yeah you can call me a curry muncher all you want or you can make a Steph Curry reference at me: but at the end of it, I get food so I don’t care. I guess it all comes down to what you’re used to I guess because I’m used to my own food but some people find it too spicy. There’s also probably some full British people (I mean like ethnically and like their whole family is british) who may think that British food is the I don’t know really tell me your thoughts on that. But yeah long story short: Asian food yes British food nuh-uh. 

Now for the nominees:









But yeah that’s the end of my rendition of the food tag and I would also encourage others to do this tag if you weren’t tagged because food is universal and everyone deserves to talk about it. Anyway that’s me done for today. Goodbye.

Sav πŸ’ͺ🦁


51 thoughts on “The Food Tag #2

  1. Ohhhh yeahh!! Doing this tag is gonna be sooo goodle!! Actually, I remember seeing this tag back when you first did it but i was too shy to comment “hey this sounds like fun, can i do it too?” So i was like “maybe next time”… But anyway it’s ameesing that you brought it back!! Thank you for tagging me πŸ™‚

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    1. Awwwww you felt shy to comment!!?? Girl you know I’m harmless. And no problem of course I’d tag you. You’re one of my best friends and I loaf you with purple hearts πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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  2. Ahh I think you mean the cereal killer cafe?? Thats in Camden! You would love it there I’m sure! And how have you not had a Sunday roast? They’re amazeeee! At least tell me you’ve had a yorkshire pudding? But I have to agree with you, cereal and pizza is the best! Great post:)

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    1. I do mean the cereal killer cafe!!! Have you been there? If so was it nice? Also I haven’t had a roast because of my Asian roots so I never really knew it was a thing. I HAVE however had a yorkshire pudding and they are rope-a-dope!


      1. I haven’t been there but I’ve been past it and it looks pretty cool! I have a picture of it I’ll send it to you on twitter. Whats your fav cereal? Ahhh fair enough! You should try it one day. Have you ever had roast potatoes? Roast chicken? Ah they are incredible, did you have it with gravy?

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      2. Please do! My favourite cereal is milk chocolate krave, and yeah I’ve had roast potatoes and roast chicken before but the spicy Asian version. Also I did not have the Yorkshire with gravy


  3. Omg my Dad and siblings recently went to cereal killer and it looked awesome like literally cereal everywhere, on every inch of every shelf and they had these cute little milk bottles (y’know from when the time milk was delivered to your doorstep, those) – you have to go!

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      1. Lol I don’t own London, you can go there any time πŸ˜‚ just pop on a plane and you’ll be eating amazing cereal in no time!

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  4. OMG I loathe fruit in cakes and stuff. Once I got a fruit cake for my birthday…I had to smile and eat it. The annoying thing was it was covered in marzipan and I didn’t realise it was fruitcake until it was too late.

    Oh and I love the cereal pun

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