Pet Peeves in People (Reversed)

Whaddup Lions so I was contemplating what to write about for today’s post and an idea came to mind: I’ve made a mini series on Pet Peeves in People, which implies negativity and you know my thoughts on negativity. So I decided today to write about things that people do that I like so reverse pet peeves basically. So yeah let’s get busy. 

Number one: Hugs 

You see, hugs are one of my favorite things for people to do to me but there’s a big but… a bigger but than Kim Kardashian’s (sorry had to make that joke, well I didn’t have to, I simply chose to out of free will). Anyway I only do hugs when I like the person and feel close to them because otherwise it’s awkward and too close for comfort. I love being hugged so much because it’s for every occasion whether in happiness or sadness. Hugs are literally my favourite greeting so if I ever meet any of you then give me a hug and I’ll love you because it makes me feel secure and safe in a way. 

Number Two- Deep Conversations 

I actually tweeted about this recently if you don’t follow me on Twitter, go ahead and do so link in my contact/stalk me page whaddup self promo. Anyway, deep conversations are a big trust builder for me, especially the ones at night that feel so natural and you confide in each other with secrets and stuff. For example yesterday I told some of my biggest secrets to people and I didn’t regret it at all. These things are literally my weakness because I’m a really deep thinker and I don’t really know anyone who will fulfil my dream vision of just sitting at a park bench at night and literally taking turns to answer deep questions. Normally I’m a very distant and untrusting person, but deep conversations go a really long way to gaining my trust. 

Number Three- Open-mindedness 

This is such a good trait to have because it’s fair to suggest that we come from all walks of life and cultures right? So we’re bound to meet people who have differing views especially on the blogosphere. So when people are nice about other people’s views despite them feeling different, then it’s refreshing to see that. I’m personally a really open minded person which I am proud of. Ask anyone I talk to, they’d know that my most common words are “I understand” because I’m open to suggestions about life and reasons why people do things. 

Number Four- Passion

It’s one of my favorite things ever to see when someone is talking about a topic that they’re passionate about and you can see the passion in their eyes as they’re talking about it. This is so inspiring for me because, I’m seeing someone in their element and talking about something that enlightens them. I’m generally a passionate guy and when I feel something or if I am interested in something; then I’ll literally talk you ear off about it. So yeah passion is something I like in people especially because it gives you an idea into who the person is. For example if someone asked me for advice on something, then I will give an extensive list because helping people and inspiring them is my passion. 

 Number Five- A Heart

This is a make or break thing for me because those who know me would know that I’m a really caring person, who will always offer to help even if it inconveniences me heavily. For example someone wanted to buy something that was really expensive and my response was that I’ll probably end up getting a job just to buy them for you knowing my caring nature. The thing is that I would probably get a job and work my butt off if it means I can make someone happy. However there’s a caveat which is that person HAS to have shown that they care about me deeply before I consider going that far for them. This person who wanted the expensive thing fits that category like a glove. Anyway a heart is important because I believe strongly in treating others how you want to be treated so I care for people with the expectation of something to show appreciation or something. 

That’s the end of the post today and I hope you liked it. I’m probably gonna do a part 2 soon because I feel I missed a lot of things out. As always tell me your favourite things in people and I’ll see you later. Bye



36 thoughts on “Pet Peeves in People (Reversed)

  1. Arghhh you’re so amazing that it’s unreal! If I ever meet you feel free to give me a hug because I love hugs and they’re amazing!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Having a heart is good – I pretty much agree with everything you’ve said.

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  2. I love hugs too ๐Ÿ˜€ (pretend I just gave you an imaginary virtual hug ;D). Deep conversations are great, when you have someone to talk to and they can help you analyze things/problems, some one down to earth and just plain awesome. Yeah, I miss my best friend ever since she moved away ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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    1. *hugs back* donut worry about it. Just being the glamarous Alexandra Goodle is worth my future cereal room in gold


  3. I loved this post. The things you look for in people are so amazing. I agree with you with all the points. Deep talks help build trust because the relationship suddenly becomes more than small talk if you get me.

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