100 Followers Celebration 

​Whaddup Lions and welcome to my celebration post for 100 followers. I want  kick this post off by first of all thanking each and every one of you guys who have followed, liked and even commented on my posts because I seriously couldn’t have done it without you. I’m not even saying it because if you, reading this right now didn’t follow, then not as many people would’ve seen my posts which leads to not as many followers. More importantly I’d like to thank the cereal squad for being the most loyal friends in the world and the best people to have literally ever happened to me. They talked me out of suicide today and I’m not exaggerating. I was just feeling so alone and horrible and like it made so much sense to end myself because so many people have left me when they see me close to my worst. So big love and shout outs and hugs to them because they actually saved my life today. Anyway positive thoughts.

Today I will be giving you a short extract from my book that I’m writing. What you’re about to see is only a draft and I know it needs refining in terms of grammar and typos but that can be done another time. So yeah have fun reading. 

Hi readers, I’m Raphael and I will be starting this book off for you guys. I’ll describe my appearance first: I have fair skin, long brown hair, husky like blue eyes and I’m of relatively average height. Well that’s a lie actually just about every guy is taller than me. I lead what’s considered as a pretty dull life. I go to school where I hate just about everyone there, I go back home and I get shouted at by my parents, get upset and migrate to my bedroom where I spend my time surfing the net and practising my creative writing skills. You see my family life isn’t the most straightforward in the world and you’re about to find out why. Now let’s get out of this rain and get shouted at by whichever parent is home.

 I strutted down the street until I reached my house. I fumbled around in my pocket for my key, twisted the key ninety degrees after putting it in the lock and I opened the door. I started to creep upstairs in an effort to avoid potential confrontation. 

Suddenly I heard a voice.

“RAPHAEL, RAPHAEL WHERE ARE YOU?” my mother asked. My heart sank into my stomach and I felt my stomach knotting into DNA as I began to approach the lounge. I reached the lounge where I saw the routine situation in my house when I come home: my mother staring at me angrily with her laser eyes burning through my forehead, about to berate me for my latest bad deed which my brother probably did and framed me for it. I looked to the left, where I saw my devil’s spawn of a brother with a you’re in deep trouble look plastered all over his face. I still hold a grudge for him stealing all my attention when he was born.  

“I’m here mum” I replied timidly

“ What time do you call this? Why are you home so late?” mum asked I opened my mouth to explain myself before she snapped, “I don’t want to hear anything!” I trudged off to my room, outraged at the mere irrational nature of that interaction.

 Let me explain. So my mother as you just read is completely crazy. The reason why I came home later than usual was because I was dismissed from my last lesson at a later time than usual because my ever so annoying teacher has no awareness of time and is under the delusion that the bell means carry on talking these teenagers don’t need to go home at all. Oh this is a really good part so I’ll get back to the story. 

My bedroom door creaked open and there I saw my bed with my notebook and pen lying in wait for me. I skipped over to my bed, picked up my writing equipment and I wrote. 

Suddenly my door burst open and there I saw my mother standing in the doorway with the angry vein pulsing in her forehead. 

“LOOK AT THE STATE OF YOUR ROOM, IT’S SMELLS LIKE HORSE STABLES IN HERE, I CLEAN YOUR ROOM EVERY TIME AND YOU STILL MAKE A MESS, WHEN WILL YOU LEARN!!!!!” she exclaimed. She stormed off leaving the door wide open as per usual. I suddenly felt as if all my energy had been sapped from my soul and that I felt like my whole body was stuck in thick, sludgy mud. I gestured towards the door and then I saw a purple light emit from my palms and the door edged closer to its frame. Bewildered, I took a deep breath and focused entirely on my hand gesture and more purple light emitted from my hand, which led to the door beginning to slowly edge closer and closer to the doorframe. The purple light began to slowly fade, one final pushing gesture of my hand and the door closed. I then froze on the spot and saw a purple glow around my hand. I glanced at the window, it was closed and there was no sign of a breeze in my room. My attention turned to my pen, which was sitting peacefully on top of my notebook, and I focused intently on my pen and extended my palm. The purple light returned however this time in arc-shaped waves. The pen began to lift off from my notebook and began to slowly hover above, slowly rising and rising until it reached mid air. I felt a rush of adrenaline and the pen flew across the room and crashed into a wall. Was this really happening to me? This entire discovery is making me hungry; I just had the best idea! I regained my composure 

 I said “Warm pizza”. Suddenly I felt a sudden weight fall into my lap and it was a warm, rectangular pizza box made from cardboard. I proceeded with caution and slowly lifted the tab to open the box and there I saw a stuffed crust pepperoni pizza smiling at me tantalisingly. I cautiously picked up a slice (not only because it was hot) and I slowly brought it to my mouth. I sank my teeth into the cheese and pepperoni, as I began to chew I felt explosions of flavour in my mouth. This was the best pizza I’d ever tasted. As I savoured my magic pizza, I suddenly heard the doorbell ring and I grew sick to my stomach. This is because I have a strong distaste towards houseguests and people knocking on my door in general. I peered out of my window in order to spot any recognisable cars and there were none…

Okay that’s the extract done I’ve not shown you guys some more because I changed one of the major storylines and I forgot to email the second draft to myself. Please let me know what you guys thought of this and be honest because I want this to be the best book it could possibly be. Again thanks so much or 100 and I’ll see you guys later. 



77 thoughts on “100 Followers Celebration 

    1. Thank you so so much. Yeah I kinda wish that too because it’ll be so much easier. The aim was to show realistically what teenagers would do in certain situations

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not right now. I’m hoping to get it published one day so I’m gonna stick to occasional random extracts for the present


      1. Yeah. The purpose of the book was to make realistic teenager reactions to things instead of the idealistic image we get in books like Harry Potter or something

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    1. Thank you so much. You have no idea what it means to me. I’m still losing my shit no joke because my aim was to reach 100 by my year blogaversary and I’ve reached it 5 months before my initial goal

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  1. Congrats on 100 followers! And I really like the concept of your book, like you’ve explained in some comments. I’m sure you’ll publish it one day, like you’re hoping to:)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much and I hope it gets published too because it’s so much fun to make as I put parts of my personality into different characters

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  2. I LOVE IIIT!!! 🙂 Also I want pizza now.
    Sav, you fabulous soul, congrats on 100 followers! You deserve this so, so much 🙂 If you ever need to talk about anything, I’m here. You’re one of the bloggers I respect the most and you always make me smile 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Do you mean that you love the extract? Also thank you so much I have so much respect for you too and always know that I’m always there for you if you ever need any help

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahhhh. I understand, to be honest the parts where the character talks to the reader is my favorite part because it offers insight into their minds

        Liked by 1 person

      1. okay so I’ve read it! It’s really good – I like the whole diary entry/actually story-telling plot; it’s different in a good way. to improve I’d suggest making the sentence starters more experimental as you often start with ‘I’ (especially at the beginning) and if there was more background to the characters at the start that would also be good, instead of going straight into the action (however if this is an extract from the middle of the book ignore this). Overall though, it’s good so keep at it 🙂 hope this was helpful

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      2. What kind of background would you like to see? Can I have an example because I genuinely am interested in knowing for the sake of improvement


      3. It’s hard to explain but like pump it out a bit so there’s more narrative to the beginning of the novel (someone once told me ‘start in fourth gear and then slow down’) so like after the Mum’s spoken add in something like ‘My Mum’s always been this way since blah blah blah I remember a time when I did this — and she reacted like this –‘ basically just adding extra information so the reader feels like they know the person or at least getting a feel of their sense of self. Then, later on in the novel (once the reader feels as though the

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      4. Okay so elaborate more on the mother and tell stories of the mother and father. I understand thank you so much for that advice of starting in fourth gear and slowing down I really appreciate it

        Liked by 1 person

      5. yes 🙂 and no problem at all – someone gave me that advice a few years ago and at first it felt really unnatural to add in all these extra bits of information when I just wanted to get into the plot but you get used to it 🙂 and although my writing obviously isn’t perfect, it definitely helped me improve a huge lot


      6. …once the reader feels as though they know them more) you can rely on dialogue more. If that makes any sense at all? Maybe look at other books to help make sense of this haha but yeah it’s just an idea 🙂

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      7. Okay I understand you and that makes a lot of sense. Thanks so much for your advice and constructive criticism I seriously heavily appreciate it

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  3. Oh my god, the extract was amazing, no joke I loved reading every part. The only disappointing part was when it finished and I couldn’t read on. Also CONGRATS on 100 followers, it should feel so good that you have so many people that adore your posts, and in general that are always there for you, don’t forget that ❤️
    Love, Sophie X

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  4. OMG congrats girl! I am new to blogging too! It has been a pleasure reading your blog! I will be reading more. If I ever EVER got a 100 geez that’d be woah. But, I just want to see friends who support me in blogging. I luvvvv the story. Warm pizza lol!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Alright don’t worry about it. Someone else gave me really good advice so I was wondering if you had any advice for me to improve the book

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  5. Congratulations on 100 followers! You deserve every one and I’ve just began binge reading you blog but I am loving your personality seeping through your posts and everything you’re writing. You are amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll have to write you an essay then 🙂 but here is a short summary.

        You are so down to earth and make your readers smile, and feel happy. You show a lot of openness and honesty but also help others get through hardship. Your comments are thoughtful and overall you’re just you which is the best thing you can be. Your puns and humours are great, you don’t hide the bad stuff but at the same time you give hope and have a blog filled with positivity. Your personality is awesome. You’re awesome.

        ^ I hope that doesn’t sound creepy considering I’ve practically just began talking to you

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh shit that really warms my heart to see that you love my personality. The secret really is to stay true to yourself and be honest with yourself and your readers because there’s no point in lying to yourself. You seem like a great person yourself


      3. Aw anytime. Very wise words from you. It reminds me of a quote “If you want to be trusted, be honest. If you want to be honest, be true. And if you want to be true, be yourself.” And thank you. I would love to talk to you more, so I’ll send you an email soon if you don’t mind?

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