The Future

Yes I’ve risen from the dead. 

Whaddup Lions and welcome to a post mainly centred towards other people’s fears of growing up. 

I’m gonna start with saying that my personal opinion on growing up is that it’s a wonderful thing. This is because right now I feel restricted by my family and bound to do what they tell me, however if I grow up then that’ll mean I will be able to get my own space and do what I want. I have dreams of moving to a bigger city than the one I’m in at the moment and chasing my dreams of being in some form of performing arts field, where i can achieve my goals of performing said art in large arenas with meeting fans and stuff. Growing up will also allow me the chance to go travelling more often and meet new people so yeah I win.

 I also personally see growing up as a way to grow as a person because as you may know I do monthly progress reports on this blog where I track my growth and progression in life and as a person. I’ve noticed that with each passing month, some kind of issue gets closer to eradication and I improve myself as a person. So if I get rid of issues in a matter of months, then imagine where I’d be in years. I started this blog just over 7 months ago and I feel as if I’ve come so far in that time that’s felt like nothing. Imagine how far I’d have come in 7 more months from now or 7 years from now. The only way is up in my opinion. 

Of course growing up does have its drawbacks: they’re so many finances that come with being an adult and you also need to get a job and do all kinds of adult stuff that school hasn’t prepared us for. There’s also lots of responsibility like keeping a house going and all that stuff. However personally I think that by that time I’d have gained the maturity to handle things appropriately. 

I personally don’t like thinking about becoming older and taking each day as it comes to me. Not gonna lie, I do sometimes feel worried about getting older and I may feel an obligation to try and act closer to my age. However my dance teacher is about 36 or something like that and he still acts like he’s half that so I guess that the age is just a number thing is true. Me personally I can’t see myself past uni so I choose not to think about it too much because it only causes stress for me so I don’t think about it. As I said just take each day and live it one step at a time. For example I’m going to be 18 in two years and I see adulthood and look at my age and say oh shit I’m almost 18 that age is two years and it’s a lot of time for me. So maybe in two years, I’ll still be blogging and by then I’ll probably have so many more followers than I do right now which means that I’ll be affecting more people positively which means I achieve more of my aspirations. It’s like a buffet, you see lots of food and get overwhelmed but you gotta focus on the food in front of you before loading up again. That’s a terrible analogy but I hope you understand what I mean. 

Anyway that’s the end of today’s post and let me know how you feel about growing up and if I’ve calmed your fears in this post. I’ll see you guys later.



45 thoughts on “The Future

  1. My fear is not so much growing up but growing old. And I also fear losing your imagination when you become an adult because that seems to happen quite often. But I do totally agree with your view on becoming independent as you grow up. Can’t wait!

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  2. I have no clue how I’m going to pay for my expensive tastes when I “grow up” (that sounds like I’m a drug addict – I may or may not be). Anyways, the thought of it all excites me nonetheless; it’s crazy to think I’ll be moving out in three years!

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      1. I was referring to like food and drinks but it kinda came out wrong. As the legend, Keemstar, would say “you’re taking it out of context.” Gotta love that guy

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  3. I completely understand where you’re coming from on this post. I’m 18 in two years too and I’m so excited to have this freedom and be able to make my own decisions but at the same time it scares the hell out of me. But the excitement definitely outweighs the fear. Anyways, I really enjoy reading your posts because I feel like I always completely understand your views. So I did nominate you for the Liebster Award on my blog, the posts goes up at 6pm (BST). I’m not expecting you to do it if you don’t want to I just thought I’d nominate you because I’d be intrigued to your answers. I’m also aware that I’m probably making a thing of writing really long comments on your post…oops.
    Love, Sophie X

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      1. Whenever I want to de-stress and become calm then I do this thing where I forbid myself from thinking of anything and live in the present moment. Only then is when I like to think nothing

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      2. Yeah, it’s who I am so I’m kinda stuck with it so I’m learning to like it. However it can induce insecurity and anxiety so it’s a double edged sword.


      3. Yeah, it’s who I am so I’m kinda stuck with it so I’m learning to like it. However it can induce insecurity and anxiety so it’s a double edged sword. I’m loving this conversation btw

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      4. Yeah I understand, at some point we all have to learn to love the things we sometimes wish we could adjust. Yeah I’m really enjoying this conversation too I’m just really aware that I’m filling up your comments haha

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