I’m currently listening to music as I write this so apologies for any rogue song lyrics in the post.

Whaddup Lions and welcome to a quick update. This post is gonna be very short because I just want to say I might have to go away in the worst case scenario for a couple weeks. HEAR ME OUT PLEASE, I’m just going on a family holiday to Morocco.

Maybe there will be wifi in the villa we’re staying in but otherwise I’m scared of not being able to blog and all of you unfollowing and thinking I’m dead. However I really hope that I can still find a means of posting and being on Twitter but I can’t guarantee anything. 

Not gonna lie I’m not looking forward to it because my anxiety isn’t in a good place right now and I’m scared of being around too much family negativity. Plus my family aren’t the most active people in the world so I’m worried about being inactive and not enjoying myself at all.

However after Morocco I will be going on NCS the Monday after I come back so therefore I would only be at home for weekends which means I will be really super busy over the next month. I’m not feeling at my best today so I won’t be writing a post to be scheduled for a later date so this is the last you’ll see of Sav. 

Anyway I’ll stop rambling and I’ll leave you alone. If I can’t post then I’m sorry I’ll see you later in the worst case. Oh and before I go I won’t be leaving my socials in the bottom of posts. They can be found on my contact/stalk me page. Goodbye for now. 



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