The Respect Award


Whaddup mouldy bacteria and welcome to my horrible attempt at the respect award. I was nominated for this by ELM TREE or you may know her as simply Elm. Anyway she nominated me for this award and said she respected me which warmed my heart like a cheese toastie and I’m going to hopefully get through this entire post without making any Birdman references of putting respek on one’s name. Ugh failed already.

There are just two rules to this award:
1. Paste the award picture in your post.
2. Answer the questions.

What is respect and what does it mean to you?

Wow I’ve never really thought of this in much depth because I just respected the concept of respect (sorry bad pun). To me respect is something that is earned and not something that you’re entitled to just because you’re you. As amazing as you may be you don’t get respect like it’s a candy bar, you earn it like a regular person. My personal definition of respect is a certain admiration for someone regardless of what you think of them as a person. For example there are some people I respect for their hard work and stuff but that doesn’t mean I like them as people. On the other hand they’re many people at the same time who I respect and admire as good people so it’s regardless of what you think of them. Obviously there are some except to that definition im sure but I can’t think of any so Ima roll with that answer.

Who do you respect the most?

There’s nobody that I can think of in particular because I respect so many people. I know this answer is kind of counter productive but I personally believe that the person I respect and should be respecting the most is myself. What I mean is an understanding of my worth and the fact that my worth doesn’t depend on other people’s opinions and thoughts of me. How could you expect someone to respect you when you don’t even respect yourself. Self respect is also important because it helps me understand what situations are good and bad for me in terms of friendships and that stuff. For example I have the self respect to know if someone isn’t treating me right or if it’s a generally negative relationship. Having self respect allows me to not settle for nothing but the best for my growth and progression as a person.

Which bloggers have earned your respect?
These next bloggers are my nominees for the award. Except for the first one.

ELM. I know she has already done this since she nominated me for this award but I respect her so much. I don’t understand why but in her posts and stuff she gives this automatic vibe of respect. I don’t know her all that well as a person although I’d like to since she comes off as someone I’d get along with. In her posts and the comments she leaves, she generally comes across as a really nice person but one that gets that natural air of respect if that makes sense. So yeah big love to the Elm tree.

ALLIE. This isn’t only because she’s a part of my squad but it’s because we’re so alike as people to the extend of it being scary. Not even joking I actually feel as if she has a wire to my brain where she gets information from because we tend to say the exact same things a lot of the time. I also respect her because of her personality which is next level kind and she’s just incredibly patient with me which is really hard.

JAY. I know another part of the squad please bear/bare with me whatever the spelling may be. Anyway I have the ultimate respect for her because of how nice a person she is and what good advice she gives. She’s also incredibly talented at art which I respect because I can feel art but I can’t execute what’s in my head very well so yeah I respect her artistic-ness, her creativity and most of all her ability to always lift people whenever they’re upset.

PURPLE. Ok no more squad members allowed. I have like an obscenely high amount of respect for purple because she never fails to make my day with her really good puns and she’s naturally a really funny person in the comments she leaves on my posts and when we have conversations outside of blogging. Despite her being incredibly funny she also does have a side that’s kind and approachable whenever you go to her with whatever problems so yeah I love and respect you purple and I meese you on blogging and in the chat.

Ok I promise I won’t waste any more of your time because that’s all I got today. Let me know if you enjoyed reading this award because I loved making it. Anyway stay tuned for some more posts and I’ll see you later.

The Lonely Lion


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