What I Learned This Weekend

Whaddup Lions, how the hell are you and this is a post about my weekend that I wanted to make just because I’m a glamarous Lion who likes writing and now I’m rambling for the sake of dragging out the intro. Anyway I had a great weekend and I wanted to tell you about it.

Saturday- on Saturday I finally went to the NCS team building day and as you know from my time to talk I wasn’t looking forward to it at the time because I was scared that my anxiety would go haywire, I wouldn’t make any friends and I’m too wimpy to do anything physical. All of those bar one proved untrue because one involved climbing on a wall with no ledges and I simply didn’t want to do that. My anxiety was fine because I talked to people when I got there and I automatically made friends with people and it was really fun and stuff. So yeah I did things, met some of my team who were all lovely. However only 7 of the 15 were there so there’s still a chance I might be with someone I hate or one of my former bullies. What I learned from this day is to not let your past dictate your future. This is because I have a history of taking time to warm up to people and to come out of my shell and become confident. However I just chose to be my incredibly weird self and I made friends quickly. Not gonna lie I was nervous the night before because my past was on my mind however when I got there, I went in with an attitude of time to meet new people and be friendly. I also learned that day that I’m stronger than I give myself credit for because I powered through everything and I chose to be confident instead of shying away all the time. I was terrified at first but now I can’t wait until I see my team next because of the people I talked to. My only bad thing about that day was that my annoying cousins who always embarrass me and are general embarrassments due to their immaturity are also doing NCS and are doing it on the same dates as me, which sucked because they literally annoy the hell out of me. For example I can’t talk to a girl in their presence without them thinking I’m interested in them but that’s a whole other post in itself. Despite that I’m proud of myself for socialising and choosing confidence and positivity over shyness and negativity.

Sunday- Sunday was ameesing because I spend most of the day talking to the cereal squad because they all make me happy and why shouldn’t I do things that make me happy. Those reasons are a whole other post in itself and I don’t want to get sidetracked. Anyway I also helped my mother with the cooking and I attempted to copy KFC’s recipe for a zinger by guessing spices and putting them together basically. The final result turned out good in terms of looks but real KFC chicken is on another level. Anyways after I made it I helped my mum with rice by chopping vegetables and stuff which was really fun. However extended family decided to make a spontaneous trip to my house for iftar which obviously is a good thing since you’re meant to feed as many people as possible as it’s a good deed. However I simply don’t enjoy the company of my extended family due to their overly loud  personalities and terrible eating habits which is one of my biggest pet peeves as mentioned in my post titled pet peeves in people. Therefore I couldn’t be in the #teenbloggerschat for the full hour which was hella annoying because I was having fun throwing savage tweets out at the rate of Donald Trump talking bullshit so at an incredibly fast rate. That day I didn’t learn much so yeah I mainly just learned stuff on Saturday.

That’s all for today friends and I hope you enjoyed this post and will take inspiration from my Saturday. Stay alert for more posts as I’m flooded with ideas right now and I’m in a creative mood. In the mean time I’ll see you guys next time with another post. Ciao.

The Lonely Lion


25 thoughts on “What I Learned This Weekend

      1. Yes, including yours which is why I’m nominating you for the Blogger Recognition Award. I loved your blog at the instant. And I’d like to know you better. Im making a post for it. Check it soon and make a post if you accept your wish tho.

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      2. I’ve already done that award recently so nominate a blogger who’s more deserving of it. I don’t want to be really repetitive

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      1. Yeah that’s the only reason I’m not doing it this year. I’ve heard too many DofE horror stories to even consider it anymore

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