Struggles of Being a Middle Child

Whaddup Lions and welcome to another comedy centred, relatable post that leads to everyone commenting on how I summarised their feelings so well. Me personally I’m directly in between two sisters so I’m well placed to make this post.

Number one- The Dreaded Day

This was the day when your life changed forever. Not for the better since this represented the day in which you lost all attention because it was the moment when you knew that it spelled the end of your days as the “baby of the family”. This was the day where you made an enemy.

Number two- No more visitors or callers

You see, the new middle children would understand this because they used to get people who visited them, called your parents and asked to speak to you. They make you feel like a million dollars, they made you feel as if you had a solid gold toilet in your bathroom. However now when people phone, then you don’t bother picking up the phone since it’s either for your oldest sibling, youngest or on the off chance your parents’ friends.

Number three- The Dramatic Irony

This is an extension from number two and this is the part when a relative makes this sick joke (and not a good sick). Hey, how does it feel that you don’t have attention any more. *Sees my mortified expression* oh no I was just joking your parents love you they’ll be crazy to stop giving you attention. Bahahahaaha, the irony of that. You low key know the truth so shut up you mechanical pencil without an eraser. Yeah a mechanical pencil without an eraser is useless like YOUR ANNOYING A$$.

Number Four- What’s your name again??

We all go through this is some capacity but middle children suffer this every day. This is when your parents begin to call you by the attention stealer sorry I mean younger sibling’s name. I literally get called by an amalgamation of my younger sister’s name and my own. The other day my mother started checking my ears, teeth and nose because she thought I was my younger sister. MY GRANDPARENTS call me by every single one of their grandkids’ names before they ask me what was your name again? Like WTF I’ve been alive for over twice the amount of time as these snot-rags who shit in their diapers all the time. Plus I’m waaaay hotter than all my siblings and cousins combined… at least I tell myself that to help me sleep at night.

Number Five- Loss of attention

Call this one part 2 of Number Three because this is when the joke comes true. You keep trying to talk to your parents about something important and they’re like “yeah ok, yeah that’s great, ameesing, yeah now please go away while I dote on my favourite children instead of your middle child ass”. This part leads you to feel like your family is like the Kardashian/Jenner family and you’re poor old Rob Kardashian because whatever you do isn’t deemed good enough for your family to accept. Seriously no joke, I could literally win the Nobel Peace prize, go on Ellen with the Cereal Squad and they still wouldn’t notice.Β Honestly the attention always is on the beloved first born who shall never be forgotten no matter how many kids are had and the youngest who is all precious it’s like my parents are Gollum.

That’s all I got for today, let me know if you can relate to this. Before I go I’d like to clear up that I love my siblings and my family very much despite our frequent differences. I literally only made this post for your entertainment and I hope you can understand that and if you can’t deal with me trying to entertain you then you’re clearly on the wrong blog. Anyways goodbye for now and I’ll see you tomorrow with a post about my weekend. BYEEEE.

The Lonely Lion


51 thoughts on “Struggles of Being a Middle Child

    1. So you’re an attention stealer huh? This post was really exaggerated with a few shades of truth. Thank you did you find it funny? Because I worked hard on the jokes

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      1. Yeah I’m sorry! (Not πŸ˜‚). Ive always been glad not to be the middle child, although I think it works out okay now for my family since my brothers moved out and has a family of his own now, my older sister has disowned herself from the family so its just me and my other sister who see my parents often! Yeah do your parents really forget your name?? :O I thought it was funny, witty and entertaining. You did a great job πŸ™‚

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      2. The forgetting my name part and who I am is 1000% true. Thank you so much it really means a lot to hear I actually make people laugh.

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  1. Haha, funny post!! XD I’m only child so I don’t know what having siblings feels like but I can tell you I was the little child among my cousins until my young cousin was born, I lost all attention!! I guess this always happens idk why.
    Great post!! XD

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      1. Yeah. If I get in an argument with her I should respect her because she’s older. If I get in an argument with my younger sister I should be nicer. There’s nothing impressing them

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  2. As a fellow middle child, I’ve also experienced this:
    (fight with the eldest) Parents: she’s older than you; respect her.
    (fight with the youngest) Parents: he’s younger than you; be more considerate.
    I mean, where’s the justice in that?

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    1. How does it feel that ive more or less written this post condemning your youngest child ass. You’re the reason why the middle children want to injure you. Did you find this funny? I forgot question of the day so I’m making up for it.

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      1. I found it hilarious πŸ™‚ and no condemnment (is that a word?) would ever make me feel guilty about being the younger sibling. The best thing about being the younger sibling for me is probably being able to smooth pass on the blame to my poor role model of a brother XD

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      1. Ooh it was; I loved all of them. Ahh my favourite part was the one where they forget your name and your conversations with your relatives (as in, the funniest bit, cause that must be pretty horrendous)

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  3. This was hilarious πŸ˜‚ Being an only child, I’m not even familiar with the term “lack of attention”, but an overdose of attention is not easy either. Stay strong, all you middle children!

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    1. Yeah because you’re the focus of everything and everyone at home. I still can’t believe we got separated because you’re probably really lonely.

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