Time to Talk- D.I.Y and Music

Whaddup Lions and welcome to another segment of Time to Talk also known as my favourite posts to writr. The series where I tell you what’s going on in my life and we talk about it. You get the drill so let’s talk.

Firstly I’d like to start with a quick D.I.Y tutorial on how to make a ring. All it takes is this part of a key chain and any old bead with a hole in it. So these things below.


Then you literally attach the bead to the ring as if you’re putting a keyring on but if it gets stuck then leave it because then it’ll fit better trust me. The end result is this


I chose an eye bead because I wanted to give myself a constant reminder that the cereal squad are always with me despite being in different parts of the world. For example if I ever feel alone or I give in to the negativity then I can look at the ring and remember the cereal squad. So yeah sentimental reasons.

Speaking of the cereal squad I’m working with ALLIE, PURPLE and JAY on a song. I’m really excited to make this song because music gives me another level of enlightenment and it’s always been a dream of mine to do something in music as well as performing arts in general so this is literally a dream come true for me to do.

Ugh what else do I say? I forgot. Oh yeah I remember I’m going on NCS next month. I’m only telling you this because the team building day is this Saturday. Which is something I’m really worried about because I’m gonna meet new people and I’m socially inept in every way. I’m scared of the actual residentials where you leave home because I’m worried that my anxiety will get the better of me when it comes to doing the physical activities. For example I don’t enjoy climbing because of the heights and going up scares me in general. In addition to this I’m also incredibly weak physically so I feel I wouldn’t be able to do things well and people will laugh at me. I know I shouldn’t care about opinions as they’ll always be there but I can’t help it. I also am scared because of having to share a room with someone I barely know and I don’t trust very well at all. I’m generally worried mess because of my mental health. I feel like I just repeated myself there but at least I emphasized the point.

I’m thinking of starting a question of the post kind of thing where every post I ask you something. This is a way of talking to you guys more because I feel distant from you quite frequently so today’s question is the following: why do you read my posts?

That’s the end of the post and finally I can stop wasting your time. I hope you guys enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing this and I’ll see you guys later. Stay true to yourselves and keep on roaring.

The Lonely Lion


18 thoughts on “Time to Talk- D.I.Y and Music

  1. I read your posts because they’re interesting, funny and really relatable. Good luck on NCS – trust me, I know how you feel about being physically weak. I wish I’d gone on NCS though because it might make me feel more confident, in a strange way.

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  2. Yay cereal squad! Don’t worry about all those soggy cornflakes, and if they bother you, tell them that if they mess with you, they mess with all of us! ❀

    Liked by 1 person

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