The Last Couple of Days


Whaddup Lions and welcome to a post where I basically talk about the last couple of days in terms of what I’ve done. This post is fairly self explanatory so yeah I’ll stop dragging this intro out.

So as you guys know I haven’t had a great time of things recently since my exams have finished and I thought I would be idle and inactive for a long time but I’ve started some new projects recently to help me pass the time. And recently I’ve generally became much more happier and on the whole these days have been very goodle (don’t ask).

On Sunday I spent the first half stuck at home watching Netflix before I went to my grandparents house. I did this not only because I was bored but because it made them happy. Because I had exams when they’d come I didn’t really get a chance to chill with them so I thought it’ll be cool. Well that’s a lie at first I was dreading it because I preferred to stay at home and do nothing but when I got there everything changed. We didn’t spend too long in one place and I had more fun than I thought I’d have had. After we left their house I went home, joined the #teenbloggerschat on Twitter, which is often the highlight of my week. This Sunday’s topic if you didn’t join it was teen empowerment which I have a lot to say about and I will write a post about it eventually where I give my opinion and ask for yours. Then I broke my fast and went to sleep so a very inauspicious ending.

On the Monday when I’m writing this I had one of my best days in a long time. I started off the day by baking, which is something I really enjoy however I couldn’t lick the bowl because I was fasting, which defeated the object completely. I would’ve posted a tutorial but it was my first time on that recipe so if it sucked ass it wouldn’t have been very convenient at all. However the highlight of my day came after that because I talked to a few blog friends on a group chat, which was the highlight of my day if not my week… and we’re only on Monday. This was such a fun time in my day because it felt as if I actually had real, loyal friends and I haven’t had that feeling before and the feeling where you know you’re in a secure group of friends is such a great feeling. It’s also been an eye opener because for some time now I’ve been going through life with a me, myself and I attitude in the way that I do everything alone and trust nobody at all so to see people that I can trust to a good extent is so refreshing after all the let downs. so anyway we talked for a few hours and it was amazing because I felt cared about.

Anyway that’s my day done. I’d have a few great post ideas coming up. For example body image, another time to talk to fully sit down and talk, perhaps a more comedy centred post and so many more so you better follow now do that you don’t miss out on Lion goodness. Anyways I’ll see you soon with another post.

The Lonely Lion


15 thoughts on “The Last Couple of Days

      1. No it’s cool a blogger calls me sav which is short for savage so it’s all good. I love looking for excuses to call you elm tree as it’s the best nickname I’ve ever come up with

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