Struggles of Wearing Glasses #2

Whaddup Lions and welcome to a post that speaks for many. I made a part one which can be found HERE. So read that before you look at this one.

Struggle one- movie portrayal

This is a pain in the butt because in the movies we’re so used to seeing people become hot after taking off their glasses. This makes me jealous because I look in the mirror and see an ugly piece of ass and when I take my glasses off firstly I can’t see Nada and secondly there’s no change in appearance and my self esteem drops off the radar into irrelevance. So basically it resembles Britney Spears’ career path of late. I don’t understand why the movies continue to objectify people with glasses as ugly. There are hot people who wear glasses. Just not me because I look like a mouldy potato.

Struggle 2- Movie Madness

This only applies to 3D films because the glasses required are an inconvenience to wear. Not to mention if you go with someone, (which I never do) the they’d always make that same stolen joke of haha you don’t need 3D glasses because you already have them and then they’re the only ones laughing and I hear crickets chirping in the background. Once or twice ok funny enough but a hundred times gets a little old don’t you think. The struggle of putting the 3D glasses on top of real glasses is too real because you basically have to play ear Tetris to get then both to fit without causing some form of pain.

Struggle three- Contact Camaraderie (wow that’s a long word)

This is when people see you with glasses and suffering with them and they say “why don’t you wear contacts?” I proceed to give this person a round of applause for their very observant nature because it can’t be like I’VE NEVER CONSIDERED THAT. I’ve had an appointment where I tried to put contact lenses in, putting stuff in your eye really is a big deal because the body has a reflex action to stop things going in your eye so think twice Panini head. You know saying to get contact lenses is basically implying you don’t like my glasses, which suggests you don’t like how I look with glasses so that makes me lose self esteem at the rate of a man going bald.

Struggle four- How Blind are you?

This is an extension from part one’s where people take them off. Some people do it to see how they look but many others take your glasses because they want “to see how blind you are”. These people seriously have hamburger meat for brains because they don’t understand there’s a reason why I wear glasses and yes I can see how many fingers you’re holding up and I wouldn’t be wearing glasses if I struggled to see without them, so give me my glasses back and nobody gets hurt. These people also do the trick of all 12 year olds and put their middle fingers up upon asking how many fingers there holding up. No it doesn’t look cool you’re just cursing at me and you’re not achieving anything so put your middle finger up your booty and get it out of my face.

That’s the end of part 2 of Struggles of Wearing Glasses and I hope you enjoyed this as I loved making it. Tell me in the comments if you wear glasses or if you can relate otherwise I’ll see you later with another post.

The Lonely Lion



32 thoughts on “Struggles of Wearing Glasses #2

  1. OMG! I completely agree- all these things annoy me so much (apart from the 3D glasses one, as I have never been to see a film in 3D :(, but it’s the same in science with those goggles you have to wear) x

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    1. Science Goggles are the worst. I take my real glasses off because of the discomfort but then I realise how I can’t see nada so I put them back on

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      1. Yeah, I used to do that but now my science teacher just let’s me go without wearing goggles, because my ‘glasses offer enough protection’ 😉

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    1. 😂😂😂😂 I’m glad you like it. I aimed for this post to hit home and to have a mini glasses community in the comments

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  2. dude this blog is fucking hilarious. and as a person who wears glasses, i agree very much on all of that. and who can forget the eternal struggle of laying on your side while wearing glasses. no matter how you position yourself, you always end up taking them off. like, this was not engineered properly. awesome blog anyhow, see you around. xxx

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    1. How could I forget! I did something related to that in part one, which was snuggles made impossible or something. And really? I didn’t think I was that funny

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      1. oh yeah, i went back to read that one. can’t say i’ve ever experience the snuggling issue, unless you count my dog- but she’s not huge on spooning. and you know, i never really thought i was funny either, but someone told me the other day that i was, and i mean i like to think i am, but maybe we just have the same sense of humor and that’s why? idk, check some of my stuff out if you wanna see for sure. i like to think i’m funny and shit.

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      2. I’ve only been through it when I lie down near someone and try to hug them just to annoy them but my glasses end up annoying me. If you want to see another funny post of mine then look for struggles of being a middle child

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      3. will do, being the oldest i can’t say i’ll relate, but the rest of your stuff has made me laugh (not the serious stuff, although i enjoy that as well for a different reason. deep shit is fascinating) so i’ll check it out! i can’t think of any of mine that were hilarious, it’s really the subtleties you have to read for in supposedly normal, unassuming posts like my updates and stuff. idk.

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      4. Ah well. It does seem we have the same sense of humour. For example I found the Panini head and the Britney Spears joke funny because they were funny insults that were ridiculous and the other was something that everyone knows if that makes sense.

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      5. ah yes! your panini head joke was the best, i’m stealing that just so you know… i have a britney spears joke somewhere in my blog too, you’ll have to search to find it mwahahahaha

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      6. unfortunately, i am unable to insert the crying laughing emoji into my laptop otherwise that’s what i’d be sending. also, puns are fun, don’t leave, it’s 2 am where i live and i’m bored writing a new post.

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