Roast Yourself Challenge


Whaddup Lions and in case you’ve been living under a rock recently the roast yourself challenge was invented by Ryan from Nigahiga on YouTube and the purpose of this challenge is to spread the message that we’re not perfect so don’t judge others’ flaws as we have our own flaws. You’re probably wondering why I haven’t made a diss track yet but hear me out. I made the track: produced, recorded and all but my voice is physically too sarcastic to make the song sound good and I’m really picky with what I post on my blog. Therefore I’m gonna tell you the lyrics. Plus he never said it HAD to be a diss track anyway here are many insults against me which are all hurtful so you better like this. Also tell me what you think of the cover image I loved making it.

First things first you call yourself the Lonely Lion
But when I’m done with you bitch you’ll be a-cryin’
Always making jokes, thinking you’re so witty
However to me you’re nothing but I stupid kitty.

You suck ass, bitch you got no class
Your posts are weak
They ain’t unique
Just musings bout how you’re a ratchet freak
64 followers and only 20 views
Most of your readers don’t even care about you
As a blogger you’re nothing but Doo Doo
Making people laugh, ha you ain’t gonna clue.

As I get to this verse watch out boy it’ll hurt
So scared of spiders go put on a skirt
Social anxiety bitch that’s a lie
Thinking you’re a science guy but you’re no Bill Nye
You always go running when people are walking past
Because you’re straight up scared that someone will whoop your ass
Thinking you’re so graceful in the way you twirl
But the harsh reality is you’ve never kissed a girl
Boo-hoo-hoo don’t start to cry
You just got roasted hard. Buh bye…

*Sniffles* that was very hurtful *through tears* I hope you enjoyed this post and… ok I can’t be emotional that was kinda funny to make and incredibly true on all fronts. I’m not gonna tag anyone to do this challenge because this is a challenge that I would only recommend if you have the confidence to make fun of yourself. I’m not saying this to degrade you at all, it’s because some people can be really fragile and insecure about their flaws so exploiting them and putting them online can be hurtful and damaging. Anyway I hope you understood the message of not pointing out other people’s flaws but to recognise that you are just as flawed as anyone. Question of the day: what type of posts of mine do you enjoy the most? Let me know in the comments otherwise I’ll see you guys next time.

The Lonely Lion


26 thoughts on “Roast Yourself Challenge

    1. Thank you so much. Someone was bound to do it and when I saw it on YouTube I felt like I had to make one somehow because I love the message.

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    1. It was really fun to make. However as I said only do it if you have the confidence for it because otherwise you can mentally damage yourself I know from experience. I’d happily see what you produce though 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a message that applies everywhere and should be spread no matter what. I made the song with the beat, vocals and everything but as I said it wasn’t good enough for my standards

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  1. This was awesome! I’d heard of the challenge and did one myself but wasn’t sure if it was known on here.

    Really cool you have the confidence to do this, great wording/lyrics too – well done!

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