Orlando Shootings


Hola Leones y bienvenidos a mi post (sorry I don’t know much Spanish after that). This is a post that I didn’t want to make initially because I don’t want to give attention to negativity but I’m gonna give a message today that’s been burning inside for the past few days. I would’ve done a recording but I struggle to fit it on my phone as there’s no space left but I hope writing gets my point across just fine.

As you guys are aware there have been shootings in Orlando recently, not only the gay bar but also with Christina Grimmie as well. I’d first like to begin with an R.I.P to Christine and each and every one of the victims and my heart literally goes out to all the victims friends and families. This has obviously been all over the news recently and rightly so but there’s a certain part of this that has affected me most. You’d know if you follow my Twitter rants.

This is the term “Islamic terrorist” that is the first and last time I’ll ever hope to use that word because it makes me sick. As a Muslim this is a term that pisses me off because it can almost make me ashamed of my religion a times and nobody deserves to be ashamed of their beliefs. The gay bar was done by someone out of pure homophobia and not being a Muslim, I understand people’s point when they say that it’s because the killer was a Muslim as the Quran says explicitly that gays should be stoned to death so it does condemn the LGBT community in other parts I won’t deny that just saying if you’re gonna argue I’ve read the whole Quran so think twice before you test me on Quran knowledge. It has been rumoured recently that the killer in the club was mentally unstable, homophobic, and even secretly gay himself so this automatically eliminates all likelihood of anything to do with “Islamic motives”.

In reality nobody knows why it happened but the always media choose to take the easy option and say Muslim whenever there’s an act of terrorism. It baffles me how if anyone that isn’t Muslim shoots somebody just had a mental episode and when a Muslim does something then it’s automatically considered as an act of ISIS and extremism. I’m not defending the killer’s actions what he did was inexcusable, I’m defending a whole religion MY religion for that matter. Even when Christina died the whole media screamed Muslim terrorism before he was identified and then he was labelled “a crazed fan”.

The Media’s negative portrayal of Muslims has gone so far that anytime someone says the word terrorist the word Muslim or Islam or anything to do with violence comes up. I searched on Google why do Muslims… and the two suggestions I got “get angry” and “kill” and that is proof of the negative portrayal and labels that all Muslims are unfairly given. When Muhammad Ali died who was tweeting terrorist and who was saying he was a legend and an inspirational figure? If they’re gonna be inspired by him then who remembers him saying that Islam brought him peace and for a boxer of his calibre who fought people for a living to say that really means something, it’s crazy how everyone treats people like a pick and mix stand in the way they choose how to treat people of a certain kind. There was a social experiment that I won’t even name because you guys will watch it if I name it and that’ll earn the guy money which I don’t support. It consisted of a “Muslim terrorist” dressed up in clothes of Muslim culture dropping a briefcase and saying Allahu Akbar and a “Christian terrorist” doing the same in normal clothes and saying praise Jesus. This I hated because clothes shouldn’t be given a religion like hobbies don’t have genders and activities don’t have personality types. My own family including my own friggin mother wear clothes that are associated with Muslim culture just because they choose to dress modestly and the media have made a simple headscarf into a sign of terrorism, this reminds me of the Holocaust when Jews had to wear various badges based on gender, sexuality etc. Do you see where I’m coming from?!?! Why should clothes be associated with terrorism. If any of you support the use of words like Islam and terrorist consecutively then straight up unfollow and NEVER read my blog again because I don’t want people who are against my religion reading my content it’s simple.

Islam is a religion of peace and the words Allahu Akbar means God is great and the words Assalamu Alaikum mean peace be with you so why should such harmless words be associated with such harmful acts. I understand there 2% of millions of Muslims around the world who interpret the Quran incorrectly and the other 98% are left with a label and this must stop. If you ever see Islamophobia happening anywhere then please stop it, even if it’s meant to be a joke it straight up isn’t a joke and is offensive to millions. I know it’s difficult to call the majority out on their ignorance but if you don’t step up who will. You may think that you’re not powerful enough you are wrong. If you try and stop Islamophobia and the use of the words Islamic terrorism then you may inspire someone else to and that’ll set off a chain reaction of potentially helping to reduce the injustice that Muslims go through.

That’s my rant over and sorry if it has a lack of structure. Please share this post, I don’t normally ask for shares but you guys need to spread this message of love and positivity because I am done with this constant negativity associated with my religion. Let me know if you agreed with my points or not and I’ll see you guys next time.

The Lonely Lion


16 thoughts on “Orlando Shootings

  1. I agree with you completely! One of my best friends is Muslim and we rant about these sort of things to each other all the time.

    I hate how people associate terrorism with Islam.

    You would associate someone’s hair color with terrorism so why would you associate their religion.? Ahh

    Great post by the way. People need to read this. This is amazing!

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    1. Thank you so much. In my opinion everybody talked about the victims which is totally ok but nobody really noticed the terrorism claims as much

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  2. preach! it annoys me when people believe ALL muslims are part of ISIS or they’re like a group of terriosts??? lmao, did donald trump brainwashed you??? It annoys me asf.
    I also heard that Omar (the Orlando shooter) was indeed gay himself, and even had gay dating apps on his phone when the police were investigating, pretty sure he was just at the club to stalk someone (and maybe liked him??) only to see him kiss another man, yandere much? He only told his father that he’s now part of ISIS, so he can believe he’s a “super strong and insane” man, even the media represented him like that!

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    1. You know the world is starting to go through a rough time when people start listening to a spray tanned chicken breast with a fake combover. Now that you made those discoveries it all makes sense now thank you for the comment as it gave me clarity

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      1. oh uhm, no problem :X??
        (Sorry but, did my comment offended you or sth??? I’m so sorry if I did, I suppose I went too far when I expressed my “subjective” opinion)

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      2. No no you didn’t offend me at all. I express my dislike towards Donald Trump all the time in my posts to the stage where he’s the centre of my jokes. It’s ok to have an opinion. I’m sorry that it seemed as if I was offended I didn’t mean for it to come out like that, it’s really easy to mistake people’s tone on the internet so don’t worry about it. I like people expressing their opinions

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      3. I was genuinely grateful that you told me that because I was confused as to what was true and what wasn’t and you made everything clearer for me

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  3. I completely agree with you. My friend (who is a Muslim,) and I always talk about how unfair it is when people associate terrorism with Islam. This was a beautifully written post, and it’s brave of you to express your opinion about it :))

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    1. I don’t get how this is brave because I feel as if I have the right to an opinion not trying to sound self righteous but those who don’t agree with my opinion can bounce


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