Introvert Myths


Whaddup Lions and welcome to a post that has been a long time coming because I’m an introvert INFP to be specific and people don’t really understand the concept of being an introvert unless the person is an introvert themselves so my conversations about my social orientation as I like to call it consist of these words “it’s complicated”. “What do you mean it’s complicated? What kind” “it’s simply complicated you’re stressing me out” so vanish Sabrina the teenage bitch. Before I start I’d like to say each introvert is different whether it’s a different type or a different person we’re all different so I’m judging off my personal experiences. So yeah let’s get into the myths.

1. Introverts are rude

This is understandable but total crap because from experience people would say hello to me or ask me a question and I would simply give no answer to it as I would be unable to think of because of the sudden nature of the interaction, therefore I’d resort to what I call a defence mechanism which is a dirty look followed by an I don’t know or an ok. As an introvert I need a neon sign before I’m gonna have a conversation with someone so that I can mentally prepare answers and that stuff. We also don’t do small talk at all because we get tired out by people so we want people to get to their point before we get really tired and we need to be alone.

2. Introverts are no fun

This is crap and hurtful at the same time because for you extroverts and introverts out there I’m sure you all have your own ideas of what is fun. For example an extrovert might find being at a party with about 70 people fun, whereas an introvert would think that a pizza night with one or two genuinely close friends is fun. It’s honestly all down to personal preference and whatever you guys introvert or extrovert think is fun, I’m cool with no matter what, who’s gonna stop you apart from yourself.

3. We are silently judging your every move

This is partially true because we do stay silent often because we have nothing good to say but often I personally space out and look pensive because I’m daydreaming about lying in bed or that cute dog that I saw today. Or I’m generally dreaming. I don’t know if others are like this but I feel as if introverts are really big dreamers and deep thinkers. Speaking of deep thinkers, we probably have something on our minds like an issue at home or school or anywhere so like any other person we can have other things on our minds. If anything we’re thinking that you’re low key judging us.

ย  4. Introverts don’t speak

Sorry you’re wrong because on a one to one basis we thrive most because we prefer to focus our attention one a single person but in groups while everyone is talking to each other loudly, we can get overwhelmed by this. Also I personally find it hard to articulate what I want to say out loud and by the time I’ve figured it out then the group topic has already moved on so therefore I keep quiet. Tip: if you ask an introvert about something they’re passionate about then they’ll talk your ear off literally because everyone has their own passions don’t they?

5. Introverts can be changed

I’ve literally saved the most annoying one for last because there are so many who think that they can simply “cure” my introversion as if it’s a disease and turn me into an extrovert. THIS ISN’T HOGWARTS YOU KREACHER FROM HARRY POTTER LOOKALIKE (that joke even made me laugh if you don’t get this then Google kreacher from Harry Potter in order to experience true savagery of this remark). Anyway being an introvert is not a disease or a condition, it’s simply a personality type and you either are one or not. It’s kind of like being LGBT you either are it or not you can’t become it or shake it off. When people try to “cure” us then it only proceeds to annoy us further remember that.

That’s all I got for now, let me know if I missed any out because I was planning on doing a part 2 at some stage. Stay tuned today for a post about the shootings that I want to write today, warning in advance: it’s gonna be a massive rant. Anyway I’ll see you guys later with another post.

The Lonely Lion


49 thoughts on “Introvert Myths

    1. Thank you so so much. I’ll be honest I have been nervous about posting this and have trashed it countless amount of times because I felt like it was just me who was like this

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  1. A very savage post once again Lion! I definitely agree with all those points cuz – Introverts Unite!
    Lol, this actually reminds me of my own post that I did before so it’s nice to know that there are other people like me out there.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah for example I talk to another infp regularly and we are so alike in our thoughts and we say the same things at the same time. It’s really scary and as if we have a telepathic link

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      2. Obviously we’re all individuals but you’d seriously be surprised. Maybe I’m so alike to said person because we were born 3 days apart under the same star sign

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  2. The degree of accuracy in this post is just too much! This is especially the case for people like me who have a resting bitch face which is more difficult to handle. Introverted + Resting Bitch Face = almost no interactions (well at least for me)

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