Don’t Wait


What’s Cracking Lions and I’d like to start this post off by saying we finally have a winner winner vegetarian dinner. In case you’ve been living under a rock I recently held a mini competition where I tested you guys on how well you know me and I was going to announce the winner two days from when I posted it and that day is today. The winner is *drum roll*….    
RUBY!!!! I’d like to thank her for paying attention to my posts and what I tell her outside of my posts because most people don’t really listen when I talk and it’s always them waiting for me to go away, so the fact that she pays attention to what I have to say simply shows how KWEEN she is and yes she is getting something handmade by yours truly. I’d also like to give a shout out to ALLIE M and ELM for attempting the quiz despite not having been reading my blog for very long so big love to them for trying. I know that sounds patronising but the both of them still tried something they didn’t think they could do and that is something we should all take inspiration from.
Now that I’ve announced the winner let’s get straight into this post.

Do you forget to appreciate your loved ones on regular days? For instance how do you show appreciation for your parents on mother’s or father’s day, your significant other on Valentine’s day and your friends and family on their birthday and keep that answer in your head. Now compare it to how often do you show appreciation on any other day: Raise your hand if you show more appreciation in and around “special” days than on any other perfectly normal day; I’m sure I can see a lot of hands going up right now.

What I mean by “appreciation” is telling someone you love them and treating them like royalty or perhaps giving them a thoughtful gift just because “you knew they’d like it”. I’m not trying to tell you guys off and make you feel like bad people because I’ll be honest my hand went up. Remember: if you are reading this you are an open minded person who wants to make positive changes to their own lives while inspiring others to do so.

My main point for this post is don’t wait for special holidays to show that you love somebody. For me you know you truly love somebody when you do something for them (no matter how little or small the deed is) because you simply want to do something nice for them out of good will and not because you expect something in return. In my opinion we’re so caught up in waiting for Christmas, easter, Valentine’s day whatever you call a special day; that it’s gotten to the extent where we take most days for granted as one less day until this day where I’ll do such and such for someone or I’ll start working out for instance.

If you’re gonna take at least ONE thing from this post take these words and store them in your brain: “every day can be a special day as long as you make it special for yourself and/or others, take each day as a gift and an opportunity to make someone’s day as well as your own”. Do me a favour right this second stop reading this… go up to someone you love whether it’s your mother, brother, sister or anyone; and tell them how much they mean to you or even message a friend right now thanking them for their friendship and don’t stop there…
Back up your words with actions by doing a little thing for them, whether it’s helping parents with house work or getting someone a thoughtful gift or even making them a handmade card telling them how awesome they are. Then look at their facial expression or body language once you do this favour for me and you’ll see true happiness. Words simply whisper, actions on the other hand scream.

That’s the end of the post and I really hope you take this advice on board because it’s something that is real af. Let me know in the comments if you agree with my views and I’ll see you later.

The Lonely Lion


22 thoughts on “Don’t Wait

    1. Don’t forget about backing it up with actions because it’s easy to tweet 140 characters or say 3 short words. It’s like an essay just stating your opinion is easy but you gotta use supporting points

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout! x
    And this really made me think-my family mostly shows affection and love in bear hugs, small actions (like…buying icecream) or ruffling up someone’s hair. I don’t really stop to think how much they love me and how much I love them. Thanks for that reminder 🙂

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    1. It’s cool. and that was the purpose of the post: to inspire people to get them thinking and help encourage them to make positive changes. I’m glad you got the message I was trying to send. Not gonna lie I really struggle with appreciating my family due to my emotion is weakness strategy I adopt in every day life


      1. I know what you’re saying. My parents can never be in my situation and feel what I’m feeling yet I don’t want to tell them what I’m feeling. It kinda gets frustrating for both parties if that makes sense


      2. Mhmm I get it. When I was in a really bad patch neither of my parents knew till one day I completely broke down and had to tell them…most of it. Was one year ago, they still don’t get it and I haven’t said anything else.

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      3. I remember. During my own rough patch they simply didn’t understand how I was feeling. Still to this day they don’t understand the concept of me being an introvert no matter how many times I explain it. I’ve always avoided feelsy topics with my parents


      4. Yeah. But that takes me so much courage to be able to do that so whenever I contact a blogger I feel so proud of me as weird as that sounds


  2. Great post! I totally agree with you here. I started thinking and trying to act this way a few months ago when it kinda hit me that I’ll be going away to uni soon and that I won’t see my loved ones and friends that much. Another reason was because I myself was going through some rough moments at the time and I realized that it was because I thought *gonna be reaaaal selfish sounding here* that people didn’t say thank you or show their appreciation enough. So then I started saying “I appreciate you”, hugging them and leaving small random notes whenever and wherever to the people that I sincerely appreciate for being in my life- all in hopes that they wouldn’t feel the same way as I did.
    Anyway, keep up the great work in blogging Sav 🙂 ❤

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    1. Thanks for your comment: you hugging and leaving notes is a sign that you’re not afraid to back up what you say with actions, which you deserve big love for. In terms of rough times remember I always like to make myself available if anyone needs to talk about their problems or needs someone that’ll just listen and not judge.

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  3. That honestly made me so so happy. I’m going to message a friend right now and tell them that they’re amazing and that they make me happy. You’re really inspiring, you know that? 🙂

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