How Well Do You Know Me?


Whaddup Lions so today, the day I’ve wrote this has been an eventful day as my bullying post failed epically so I had a Twitter rant about it. I also announced on Twitter that I would be doing a post on how well you guys know me and this post will take the form of a quiz and so what will happen is I ask you some questions about myself, I haven’t decided how many yet and you will answer them and leave your score in the comments section. 2 days from today I will announce the winner of the quiz and they might get something cool. So yeah let’s get busy. NO CHEATING, I SEE YOU!!!!!

1. What does my real life name mean? (1 mark)
2. How many brothers and sisters do I have? (2 marks)
3. How many Cacti do I own? (1 mark)
4. What is my Hogwarts house? (1 mark)
5. Who is my favourite Harry Potter character? (1 mark)
6. In this year’s Eurovision which country’s representative do I have a crush on? (1 mark)
7. When is my birthday? (3 marks)
8. Who is my favourite Kardashian/Jenner? (1 mark)
9. Who is my hair idol? (1 mark)
10. What were the last TWO films I watched in the movies? (2 marks)
11. What were the last THREE countries I visited (3 marks)
12. On what date was I officially diagnosed with depression (3 marks)
13. What’s my favourite food? (1 mark)
14. Which of these countries have I NOT visited, Dubai, Tunisia or Holland? (1 mark)
15. How many pet peeves in people posts have I made? (1 mark)

Total= 23

1. Lion
2. 2 sisters one mark for amount of siblings, another for gender
3. 2
4. Ravenclaw
5. Luna Lovegood
6. Austria
7. 16/03/00 One mark each for correct day month and year
8. Kourtney (accept Kim and Kendall)
9. The weeknd
10. Civil war and Deadpool (either order acceptable)
11. Spain, Morocco, Italy (in any order)
12. 16/7/15 (one mark each for day month and year)
13. Pizza (accept anything chocolate related)
14. Dubai
15. 2

Remember to leave your results in the comments to be in with a chance of winning something.

The Lonely Lion


31 thoughts on “How Well Do You Know Me?

      1. Anything can happen. Some people might choose not to comment their scores. You never know


      2. I know it’s really lame but it’s a hand written mail from yours truly. I got no clue what I’ll put in it


  1. I have a crush on the Austria girl to oh my God she is amazing! Also, I guessed two sisters by accident. Apart from that, I got nothing right apart from question one because of your name on WordPress

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Don’t be negative. You haven’t been reading for very long so it’s natural to not get a High score. Always be positive

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I just counted everything up and you got 10. And it seems you really do know me well and have been paying a lot of attention

        Liked by 1 person

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