May 2016: Progress Report



What’s cracking Lions and welcome to my progress report for this month. My follower count has more or less doubled in the past month or so therefore there will be lots of people who don’t know what this post is. For those of you who don’t know last month I started writing progress reports to track my progress as I rebuild my life by writing a letter to the lion of the next month. My April report can be found HERE.

Dear Lion of June,

This month has been an improvement on Lion of April’s times but there are still some problems that are still prominent. For example Lion of April was telling me how he was freaking out about his exams but now the exams are currently ongoing and I don’t feel any nerves at all. My lack of nerves used to bother me because of the mere fact of feeling nothing but as the month has gone on I’ve been feeling better and better. Also this month was a time where I experienced true happiness and posted about it and I also had a moment with myself where I felt really proud of myself for surviving the things I’ve been through and I even came out of it with a quote that I made up out of nowhere in a comment. This quote is about the way in which what we go through shapes us and the quote is: “it’s like building a snowman in winter, you have to be dragged through the cold,hard ground to make a person you’re proud of” isn’t that great? I also made a Twitter this month and I try my best to join the teen bloggers chat every Sunday and it’s so much fun as it takes away my loneliness for an hour which is everything I need and more. So overall an okay month.

However with each good there’s some bad: I still haven’t sorted out my friend problem where I feel like I can easily be replaced and I begin to feel neglected. I’d rather not get into it too much as this is a thing that nobody understands and it would only cause judgement and it simply won’t end well talking about it. Right now I’m also struggling in another way because there are some things on my mind that I need to get off my chest because it’s eating me alive and I can’t take it anymore but I don’t want to discuss it on here because nobody would understand where I’m coming from because it’s a thing that I find incredibly uncomfortable to talk about and some people who read the blog are kind of affected by it. So I kind of need someone outside blogging to talk to this about. I’m not saying for pity purposes I’m saying this because it’s the truth.

Anyway the positive and negative parts of the Letter are finished so now it’s time to give you advice for June. Firstly keep on making progress you’re doing really well and secondly try to grow a thicker skin I know this isn’t really advice but your sensitivity has gotten the better of you this month so keep this in mind.

See you next month,
Lion of May

Let me know if you guys enjoy reading these progress reports or not because if you don’t I’ll keep these to myself and not post them. I mainly post these for my own purposes so they’re not really for your entertainment but for a way to express my internal thoughts anyways I’ll see you next time with another post. Bye.

The Lonely Lion


12 thoughts on “May 2016: Progress Report

    1. Thank you so much but you deserve your 150 even more. I know my doubling is supposed to feel like a great achievement but I’ll be honest I’m not too interested in how many I have as I find myself being more interested in who actively reads. Am I alone in that?


      1. I get it. In addition to that I also LOVE conversations in the comment sections as it gives me someone to talk to


      2. I know right it makes me feel like I actually have friends. I’m under the illusion that we’re friends just because we chat in comment sections I’m that sad


      3. Yeah for example I did a post on my ex and then that ex commented on that post and found my blog and my first reaction was BLOG FRIENDS WHERE U AT!?!?!???!


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