When I Felt True Happiness

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Whaddup Lions, how are you today and welcome to my post today. Today I’m feeling absolutely great today and I’ll tell you guys my story today. Sorry I’m advance if my post doesn’t make grammatical sense or is a little repetitive but I’m so happy I couldn’t care less about grammar.

So today I woke up at 7 (because my body is still in wake up for school mode) feeling simply refreshed and I knew today was gonna be a great day I just had the feeling in my bones that it’d be an amazing day. So when I woke up I felt a need to work hard today because I used yesterday after my exam to rejuvenate myself and do absolutely nothing and to say it paid off would be a complete understatement. Today I woke up and when I was snapchatting with a great friend of mine and I just felt really happy and I didn’t want it to end but I soon had to go and work because I felt like the world won’t stop for me and that I should work today. It feels so weird that I’ve become such a workaholic recently and having that drive gives you the knowledge that it’s gonna pay off soon. Anyway after I finished my work at about 11am then I walked home and  during that time something flipped…

It was such a great day today. It was really sunny but there was a breeze that was to die for. I had my music in, I felt confident in what I was wearing and I put together a pretty awesome outfit if I say so myself. I was so happy with myself and how I looked and before it was a matter of learning to deal with myself but today was a sign of actually loving what in dealing with. I can’t explain it very well but I felt like I was perfect for myself if that makes any grammatical sense.

I walked down he street with a massive smile on my face, I felt everyone staring at me but I didn’t care about them I only cared that I was happy and it was a time where I felt true happiness and I felt like I radiated positivity today and I can’t explain how I felt as it was amazing and it was as if nothing could bring me down today. I then went home watched some iZombie (I’m on season 2 episode 8 at the time I’m writing this and it’s LIT AF.) Then I ordered pizza and yeah I’m a very happy Lion right now. Today was a day where I finally felt satisfaction and true happiness.

That’s the end of the post and I really hope you liked it because it was about a happy time and I like to share happy times with you. Let me know: When was the last time you felt true happiness?



17 thoughts on “When I Felt True Happiness

      1. I walked around a city, taking pictures of all the interesting little things I found: the inside of a beautiful book store, a woman painting a mural on the side of a building, statutes made from rusting metals and random assortments of junk.
        I found it so amazing

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      2. That sounds amazing and an experience that would make me truly happy. I’m happy for you being happy. And I used the word happy far too much in this comment but who cares I’m happy (there it is again)

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      3. Thank you! It is alright to say happy a lot. It means your happy and that is something to be happy about. haha happy happy happy! 🙂

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  1. The last time I was TRULY happy was probably yesterday too. It was the first time in a long time but I was. I spent the morning with my family, just chilling in the house, then at lunch we all went out to the restaurant that my stepmum is renovating. It was lovely to see the happiness and pride on her face when the looked at that old building. I then had lunch at s cafe with my sister and talked about the future, and for once it didn’t scare me. I spent the afternoon going for a drive with my sister and her boyfriend, getting to know him. It was just a lovely day ❤️

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    1. I’m so glad you’re happy again mainly because I can’t stand to see you as sad as you were in your post a few days ago or any type of sad for that matter. Genuinely thank you for being happy as weird as that sounds

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