What I’ve Learned From my Break

Disclaimer: I won’t even refer to the guess who’s back song because that’s so typical and I wanted to be different.

YOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I’m back again and feeling effin amazing because now that I’ve survived the hardest part of the exam period the exams are going to ease off a little and I’ll have more time to post for you guys like I do now while I’m in bed hopefully functioning enough to produce a great post to mark my first post back. I kinda feel pressure to make this a good one not gonna lie but let’s hopefully forget that and tell you what I’ve learned from my break.

One thing that I learned from my break is that blogging is a big part of my life now because in LITERALLY everything I do my first thoughts are how can I convey this to you in a blog post or should I write a blog post. I know it may seem a little sad but trust me it’s real I love putting posts up. I knew before my break that blogging was important to me and I want to do it for a long time but I never knew until this break that wow what would I be doing if I didn’t have a blog? I would probably still be struggling with my anxiety, still trying to stay away from negative thoughts so not a very good place. Which leads me onto my second lesson.

You’re gonna go to places you don’t like if you want to reach a destination. This is something that’s really important because if you follow me on Twitter then you’re an OG Lion but anyway if you do follow then you’d know I tweet about two things: exams and achieving goals and if you don’t follow me then what the hell are you doing with you’re life you’re missing out completely. But anyway when I thought of the idea to finally start a blog and stop the BSing, I never thought I’d get this attached to it and I never thought I’d enjoy it this much. I’ve met so many people and I feel like you guys are my friends even though I haven’t met you guys, which I want to change. Is that just me who considers their readers as their friends? Anyway the motivation for my blog mainly stemmed from a dark time in my life and that time made me the blogger that you’re reading now. So yeah God took me through a bad place to get me to an even better place which is awesome if you think about it.

It’s ok to take a break: This is important because I felt previously that if I ever took a break everyone would be really angry and hate me but you guys are seriously the best because you understood that I needed a break and it was the right thing and I genuinely salute you for that. Also I felt like my content was deteriorating and I never felt proud of any of my posts and it wasn’t in a good time for me. I went away with no ideas at all and in a massive writer’s block and now I’m back with so many ideas. Now that I’m back I understand that I can take breaks whenever I have a good reason to and you guys will understand. Instead of leaving nasty comments saying why are you taking a break you don’t care about us. I got good luck wishes instead. You guys are literally troopers.

Thanks for reading my first post back and can I ask you a question? Do you guys think I’ve grown as a blogger from when you started reading to now? Or have I stayed the same. I’ll see you guys later with another post.

The Lonely Lion


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