Pet Peeves in People #2


Whaddup Lions so I have been having a writer’s block recently but now I’ve had an idea: do a second pet peeves post! I enjoy talking about what annoys me and I only post what I want to post. So yeah I’ve run out of introductory things to say and I just want to tell you what not to do if you want to get along with me.

Number one: No offence squad: This is the thing that people that do which really ticks me off because they just fail in their purpose. The no offence squad are the people who start their sentences with a “no offence” . This is a pet peeve because when people say no offence they’re 1000% likely to say something that will hurt your feelings and make you feel bad about yourself. I experienced this a week or so ago so it brought this pet peeve to the front of my mind and I’ll tell you what happened when someone heard that I do physical exercise. “No offence but you’re not really the physical type of person, I mean like your lifestyle isn’t very centred towards being active”. At that time I was prepared for something hurtful to be said and I wasn’t disappointed. If Kanye stormed Taylor Swift’s speech and said no offence but your video sucked: it would’ve been much worse than the ima let you finish crap that he did.

Pet peeve number two is Apologetic Andrew- This is the person who does thing that thing to prove they haven’t quite mastered the art of a graceful apology. I don’t see myself as an apology expert but they should at least make an effort to seem sincere and meaningful. For example here’s a normal response:
Me: Felicia! why did you lose my keys?
Felicia: OMG I’m so so sorry for that I take full responsibility for losing them, let me just help you look for them now.

Now Andrew’s response
Me: Andrew! Why did you lose my keys?
Andrew: huh? What keys I never lost any keys I never even saw a pair of keys today
Me: you took my car to work this morning
Andrew: {with a sarcastic tone} ok sorry just don’t kill me

You see the contrast. Andrew apologises to me as if he’s doing me a favour and he doesn’t actually show any regrets to his actions and he assumes that words will be sufficient. Whereas Felicia took ownership for her actions and actively showed remorse for losing my keys. Become more like Felicia.

Numero Tres: Twitter fingers- So we all know that there are people who fit the description like that Drake lyric in his Meek Mill diss track Back to Back: Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers. I experienced this recently and it really disgusted me to the extent of joining the Twitter fight and stooping to their level. This case of Twitter fingers was simply a misinterpreted tweet and just as the two people that the tweets concerned are sorting out their issues you get an army of keyboard warriors attacking you for no reason and not listening to your point of view and explaining yourself. If you have nothing good to say then don’t say it and keep your opinion to yourself if it’s only gonna cause fights. Honestly these kindย  people belong in an America with Donald Trump as president with Kanye West handcuffed to them.

Political opinion- if you don’t know there’s some EU referendum going on in the UK I’m not too familiar with it but I just can’t stand people who feel the need to force their opinions on other people especially in politics. What gets on my man parts the most is when people do it politically. Apparently it’s considered inappropriate to talk about your political views but I just feel that it causes so much conflict and it’s unnecessary conflict as well. For example on a family group chat my uncle said to vote in the referendum if you can because he doesn’t want and I quote “right wing Tory scum” running the country and that ticked me off. What if someone in that group chat likes what a certain political party is doing or if he had said that in a public place he could have offended many people. I just feel like it’s unnecessary to force political and non political opinions on other people that’s all.

That’s the end of my post and I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know any of you pet peeves in the comments and I’ll see you guys later.

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6 thoughts on “Pet Peeves in People #2

    1. The way I intended it to come across was not to be talked about in a rude way because for me no topic should be off limits. It probably came out wrong because I experienced it recently and I said it off emotion. Sorry if it seemed offensive in any way

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