Bouncing Back

Bouncing BackWhaddup Lions and today I will start the post by saying we recently reached the milestone of 50 certified Lions and 1k all time views like this is madness I’ve gotten so many followers over the past couple of weeks and I just want to thank each and every one of you for commenting, liking or even reading any of my posts. It’s your comments that make me want to blog more so keep on inspiring me and I’ll inspire you.

So today I’ll be talking about bouncing back but with one example in mind: yep you guessed it, it’s about exams. Some of you guys may be suffering through exams as well as I am and you’re incredibly likely to have a few bad ones, which are guaranteed to test your own confidence and I’ll be talking to you about my personal experience with bouncing back and its importance.

So here’s the story: Recently apart from today I had a few really difficult exams in a row and I came home yesterday feeling mentally drained because of how hard the exams were. Midway through the biology I started to have visions about opening my results to see a bad grade in biology and everybody around me being incredibly disappointed in me, which made me feel like like s*** during the exam and it didn’t help me at all. So yeah I went home and had a very long moping session, which I don’t condone at all because of how little it solves. After my moping session I just about gathered the strength to go downstairs and my mother had noticed how sad and deflated I looked and she straight up told me the following “Why are you being so upset about it now, I was so proud the way in which you put the exams behind you and tried to forget them because you know deep down that you can’t change it now, you’ve been telling me this ever since the exams started”. My reply was and I quote “I’ve had so many bad exams in a row and I’ve literally lost all confidence in myself”. 

Then something in my head flipped…

I remembered everything I’ve recently adopted and that is. you can’t control what happened but you can control how you respond and the idea for this post was born. I realised the thing that I wanted to share with you guys today and that is. Tomorrow is a new day, a gift to learn from previous mistakes and potentially improve on what you missed in order to get it next time. This doesn’t only apply to exams but also in your every day life. For example: If you handle a certain situation incorrectly then next time you’re in that situation, you could handle it better instead of living in regret. Today for example I literally told myself the following this morning: Listen here, yesterday was bad don’t even try to deny it, but today is another day with other exams so keep your head up, stay positive and YOU CAN DO THIS 


Remember if you ever get a few difficult exams. Remember to do your best as you can’t do anything better than that and stay positive and don’t let it affect your other exams. For example because I stayed positive for today I smashed my Latin exam and it went really well. Stay positive.

That’s the end of my post about bouncing back. I’ve had a pretty bad day today where despite my easy exam today I’ve been sad for reasons that I’m trying to get to the bottom of but this post is about bouncing back and ima do just that . As usual feel free to leave suggestions for posts in the comments and I’ll see you next time with another post.

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31 thoughts on “Bouncing Back

  1. This is so true and such good advice, thanks! I’m glad your Latin exam went better than yout biology one, it just goes to show that putting bad exams behind you does work because, after all, we can’t change what we’ve already done. I totally feel you about feeling sad and not really knowing why, I’ve been feeling pretty sad all day and nearly burst into tears a couple of times which is odd because I don’t even know why I feel like this. I think I’m probably just stressing about everything way too but I find it hard to recognise when I am actually stresssed!? I’m so odd, sorry for the rant and hope tomorrow is a bit better for you! 🙂

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    1. No your rant helped me understand that I’m not alone in this. I am really good at knowing why I feel sad but now I just feel as if everything is dark. Thanks for your comment it seriously improved my day

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      1. Your definitely not alone! Aww I’m glad I helped a bit. I know what you mean though, I just feel like everything is going downhill at this stage (mainly because I started revising too early and peaked too early) and I feel like I’m getting worse at my subjects instead of getting better. The more I revise the more confused I get.

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      2. I am exactly the same. Revising only stresses me out further and I seriously feel because of the other harder exams my confidence is still shaken. And I have chemistry tomorrow, another difficult subject

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      3. Yeah! To be honest my brain kind of stopped functioning after the mocks in March – nothing feels real anymore, it doesn’t even feel like May. But as you said you need to put those exams behind you now, you’ve done your best and that’s all anyone could have asked of you. What’s done is done, you can’t affect what hoe you did in those exams now so don’t let it affect your other exams. Plus hard exams = low grade boundaries, right? Yeah chemistry is hard but it’s all in their in your head, you’ve just got to get it out onto the paper. If you don’t understand the question, try to rewrite it in simpler terms so it makes more sense to you or if you’re really stuck you could annotate the question with everything you know about that particular topic/concept and it might help to jog your memory. Good luck and remember to stay positive, just because Chemistry is a hard subject, doesn’t mean the exam itself will be and you never know you might be surprised when you get in there! 🙂

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      4. Em… I could and will internet KISS YOU NOW 😘. You literally just inspired me and now I feel nothing again no nerves no nothing. Thank you so much 💖💖💖

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      5. Um…ok don’t quite know how to take that but thanks I guess!? 😂 Aww that makes me so happy hearing that I ACTUALLY helped someone for once plus for some reason helping other people also helps me calm my nerves which is odd but good I suppose! You are very welcome! 💕

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      6. Haha it’s alright. Aww I’m so glad!! 🙂 I already feel in a better mood just knowing someone else in the same situation as me (plus the fact I get to sleep in tomorrow yay)

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      7. It was easier than I thought it would be. So that means high grade boundaries😱. Jokes aside I’m done with chemistry for life now so who’s laughing now

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    1. Thank you for the nomination but I’m currently taking a break from blogging until Friday at the earliest in order to focus in my exams. But I’ll do it for sure once I get back onto blogging

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  2. Yay for Latin! And YAYYYY for 50 🙂 You’re awesome! You give great advice. Honestly, exams are killing me right now; I’m just so stressed and I feelnegative, but you’re helping.

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    1. You can approach an exam in 2 ways: firstly stressing yourself out by just outside exam hall cramming while surrounding yourself with people screaming the words I’m fucked, which would make you believe you’re fucked and you’ll go into the exam without the correct mental state. Or you can calm the ham sandwich down and approach the exam in a relaxed state where you feel you’re going to do well and staying calm. I’ll let you pick which one’s right

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      1. That’s literally one of the reasons why I started blogging. To spread positive vibes to the world. It’s not easy to stay positive like I do it takes a lot of character building

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