Why I Don’t Tell My Friends About my Blog


Wait what? This is not The Lonely Lion! Right it is me. Just a Blank Space from A Blog Filled With Thoughts. I am sorry but today you have to deal with me.

I started blogging four months ago and I have to admit I am really, really bad in keeping secrets but I have managed to keep my blog a secret. Some of my friends know I blog but nobody knows how to find it and they probably will never do. There are a lot of reasons why I don’t want them to know:

1. When I spent a year in the US as a exchange student I had a blog to tell the people at home what I was doing and I loved it. I took it really seriously and it hurts me a lot that some of my friends still make fun of me because of that blog.

2. They just don’t understand. I love to write and especially my classmates make fun of the things I write. They make me really uncomfortable with sharing my work and I don’t want that feeling to take over me

3. I write about a lot of things I would never tell my friends because if I would, they wouldn’t take it seriously

4.I am really insecure about what others people think of me and I know I shouldn’t be. Knowing that none of the people I know in real life read my blog makes it a lot easier for me. My blog is supposed to help me deal with my emotions, fear and my life. I want to be able to write about all the things that come to mind and if people would know about my blog I couldn’t do that anymore. I would be way too afraid of what they would think about it. 

Maybe one day I will show them my blog but for now I am not ready to share that part of me with them. But before I will do that they have to realise how important writing and especially blogging is to me. I don’t think they will ever do that.

Do your friends know about your blog? If they do how did they react when they found out?
Lots of Love
Just A Blank Space


33 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Tell My Friends About my Blog

  1. I mentioned my blog to one friend but only because I knew he wouldn’t make fun of it or pester me about it. I don’t think others should know yet because I don’t think they understand how important and serious writing is to me

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  2. My friends know about my blog, but at the moment everything is ok, mainly because two of my friends have blogs themselves. They were really pleased when I got one as well, even though mine is so different to theirs. I haven’t had to deal with teasing or bullying about it yet, because mine is still quite new, but I honestly wish that I won’t have to either. Some people are really judgemental and it really saddens me that people would be like that. They don’t have to make fun of your hobby when you don’t make fun of theirs. If they want to read it and have nice things to say about it, then they should say it, otherwise they should just keep their hateful words to themselves. x

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    1. I haven’t dealt with it directly but I’ve seen it happen to others and it’s brutal as it’s the only thing they talk about. In my opinion As a teenager most people don’t want to do stuff that sets them apart because of the need to fit in

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      1. Yep I agree with that point definately! It’s like they all want to be like anyone else, because if they aren’t they are constantly going to be teased about it. It really annoys me that teens can’t be unique nowadays x

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  3. Only my boyfriend knows about the blog and it would be slightly hard to hide it from him since I work on it at home. Plus I’m going to be writing about the Peace Corps on there so he can look at it. But, my friends and family don’t know about my blog or about my instagram that is only for photographs.

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      1. Same I’ll be kind to someone and open minded but I won’t trust them. If I say someone is my friend then it’s a symbol that I trust them 100%

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  4. So glad to have found your blog. I have shared my blog selectively, with people I trust to truly support me. But I do not share my blog on Facebook or other large platforms. There are too many people who would most likely judge me instead of journey with me. I, too, use blogging as a way to process and seek to understand. It is still to raw to risk allowing it to be trampled. Look forward to reading more from you.

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    1. I share my blog as my alias online. I only tell people about my alias if I deeply trust them and if I just trust them enough they’d know I have a blog but not how to find it

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  5. I love this, I was just thinking of writing something similar!! Only 1 of my friends know about my blog, and I think I like it better that way. I’m pretty sure some of my friends would “disown” me if they saw what I was writing 🙂

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  6. We started our Blog recently, yet we decided to be public about it, although most of our friends were supportive and encouraging enough, I could also sense a not so happy ppl too just cos they cudn’t do something unique (out of jealousy may be) and I remember mentioning blogging as my personal interest to an interviewer to my surprise he was smirking?? I cud have questioned him but its just a waste of our time. But then personally I feel believing in us and being confident about what we do makes us stronger and helps us to grow from within. But then again we can wait to get there a much more confident place. Just a thought I thought i’d share. I am a recent follower and I like your work.

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  7. I think most of my friends know about my blog. Two are writers themselves and we’ve always been open and discussed our works, a couple have read some stuff on there, one wants to and another isn’t bothered but knows how much I love writing.

    It’s sad that someone can be mocked for their passion. I’m lucky in that my friends are quite similar or they are just happy that I’m happy.

    I saw you saying about classmates, one thing I will say is that I am out of education now so that might have something to do with it. Having said that most of my friends mentioned are from school or college and I know they never would have mocked me.
    Your true friends will not do that, find them and stick with them – they’re who you want in your life.

    … Having said that I haven’t told my family and don’t have plans to either, so who knows? 😂

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    1. Agreed, I think anywhere in life there will always be someone looking down on whatever it is we do. Sometimes we have to just go ahead with our passion and do as much as possible to prove them wrong.

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  8. Apart from my future wife, who found out about my blog soon after we moved in together (which resulted in a number of interesting discussions), no one knows about my blogging – which in a way is a shame, but also has it’s advantages as I am not able to be stifled creatively because I am worried that someone I know may read and be offended.

    I was going to show someone I worked with the other day my blog as they are eager to start up their own website, but then I remembered I did a post where I referred to people I work with as “ignorant bastards” (easy to take out of context) and thought it was better to keep it quite.

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  9. Yes I am creeping looking at all of your posts ever, I am weird I just have nothing to do, I totally get this post, I would never tell anyone about my blog because they’d think I’m a weirdo

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